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  1. Where can we find prerelease 4.22?
  2. HCH, We are all waiting patiently. 9/4/08 is the latest release so I would expect something with a late October or November release date. I for one cannot use it until its fixed as it goes 100% of the CPU at home.
  3. I hate to bust your bubble. But I am using the free version of SAS on XP pro SP3 at home and at work testing it out. At work I have an ATI Radeon X300 with the latest ATI drivers (8/20/08). No activity in Task manager at all with Trend Micro Enterprise and Windows Firewall. At home I have a Sapphire using same driver. NOD32 and Commodo Firewall. I am constantly closing SAS as it gets to 100% CPU. Came here looking for answers as I like the program. As an afterthought, At work I have DSL 100% online at home I use Dialup seldom online, is SAS trying to access the Internet? I also have 2GB RAM at work and 1GB at home, but I don't see how that would affect CPU activity.
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