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  1. Hello, Since this update superantiSpyware generates a blue screen when I start the search. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled several times . Recommendation?
  2. Hello, This morning, several tries , same result Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, Each time I start SAS Free on my Win7 X64 system the svchost.exe process starts running during more than 10 minutes using up to 100% Cpu and SAS waits untill the svchost.exe process reduces the usage. What is wrong in my config? How to find what is the problem? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, No problem this morning (Europe time) . Thanks
  5. Hello, Uncheck done and scanning OK. With this "uncheck" what functionnalities have I lost? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, Unistalled the product, installed the requested version , keeping the logs , .... Same negative result see attached screenshots. Still scanning the same file a fex ahours later. FYI I run a dual boot Vista Home premium sp1 and xp SP3. Hope it helps Emile
  7. Hello, After an update of the program the product loops I cannot exit, stop or cancel it. Have to reboot. recommendations? Thanks in advance. Vista Home premium SP1
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