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  1. Either they get this auto update problem fixed with Win 7, or I'm going to junk SAS. It hasn't auto updated definitions for a week!

    it just ran tonight, and no updates. After it was all done I ran updates manually, and it downloaded some! I'll give it one more month to get it fixed, and if it doesn't it goes in the junk pile! That's long enough. Nothing takes that long to fix.

    Updates is working just fine on my two Win 7 computers.

    Do you have a firewall that maybe is blocking the updates?

  2. SAS will not show the date for the last definition-update.

    It only says (in swedish) definitions updated 00/00/000 at 00:00 AM.

    Anyone know why? When i try to update it says i have the latest defs.

    I have PRO with lifetimesub.version 4.53.1000 core:7138 trace:4950.

    I have the same version (with swedish language), and all seems alright here:

    Def. Updated: 05/25/2011 at 07:07 PM

    Edit: Also with the latest update (25/05/2011 09:04 PM) , all seems ok

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