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  1. yea same feeling... But just it say that the file have not been signed but its downloaded from one of MS homepage's
  2. Hallo guys.. As a new user of virsual basic 2008 then i got to know this... Today i download this file: Shareware starter kit (a item u can installer into VB) I downloaded it from http://msdn.microsoft.com and when i opened the file it say the file wasnt Signed by any and could have a hamfull code download link: hxxp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vbasic/cc533531.aspx (put tt insted of xx) is this malware or just notting?
  3. Well, when will it work 100%? i seen some few topics, where "admins" tell they working on it can someone set a day, month, year on it?
  4. Well im new here ;D I have use superantispyware in about a year now, and i have never got one problem with it ;D. Sooo hallo all
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