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  1. control

    Icon Update?

    When will version 5 (beta) be released? Maybe I'll try SAS again ...
  2. control

    Icon Update?

    No bug and no guy with sunglasses please ... I heard that version 5 will get a new icon and a new GUI - is it right?
  3. control

    UI update

    You should at least remove the suspect guy with sunglasses from your product - it's very similar to rogueware Look at MBAM, the UI is trustworthy without suspect guys, bugs and other rubbish
  4. control

    SAS Portable

    No idea? I guess you should code a better version of SAS Portable ...
  5. control

    AVG free better than SAS Pro?

    It's simple: Yes
  6. control

    SAS Portable

    Why does the portable version create registry entries?
  7. control

    Incremental Update

    That would be a great feature
  8. control

    Icon Update?

    The icon is terrible, please change it
  9. control


    http://blog.washingtonpost.com/security ... ele_1.html
  10. I know, SAS has less FP
  11. MBAM has some false positives from time to time, so please take care
  12. control

    Update to 4.22.1014

    That's called "manual update"
  13. control

    Update to 4.22.1014

    So there is still no automatic program update in SAS?
  14. control

    Some issues with my computer

    I think you messed up your machine with too many programs, i would remove some of them
  15. control

    Rogue Detection Test

    Another Anti-Malware test: http://ssupdater.com/modules/Forums/ind ... topic=3746