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  1. I have used Avira and SAS for a long time and never had any isssues
  2. no, you can still get the definition updates. Just don't get the program updates
  3. Thats a first for me, a spammer asking how to activate his/her account EDIT: looks like they deleted all his/her posts
  4. you most likely will have to use an older program version of SAS. Have a look at this thread viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3179&p=17539&hilit=98se#p17539
  5. This false positive from Avira has already been fixed. Make sure Avira has the latest updates. See here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3660
  6. when you reboot, a box should pop up informing you of a new program update. right click on the brown bug in the sys tray and select "check for updates" . Post back on whether it finds the update
  7. thats strange. I use firefox 3.5 and SAS and have no issues. I've never heard of this issue until now
  8. Yes, Avira runs in realtime. You can also set it up to scan your PC automatically
  9. SAS is NOT an antivirus. It is meant to run along side your AV and pick up the stuff most AV's miss. Here are my recommendations for a good Antivirus Paid AV: Eset NOD32 or Kaspersky Free AV: Avira or Avast I currently run the free version of Avira with SAS and it works great
  10. you can download the definitions from the website and copy them over to the infected computer: https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html
  11. If you use Firefox, there is an add on called "betterprivacy" that takes care of flash cookies
  12. you are getting spam email. There is nothing for SAS to detect
  13. That forum is not available unless you have the property authority to enter. They do this because there are normally active malware links that a user could accidentally click and infect themselves. If you would like to gain access, I would PM "superantispy"
  14. I would actually do as siliconman stated and open a support ticket. The SAS team will take care of your issue
  15. Yes, click on "submit a diagnostic report" and there is an option for free users at the bottom
  16. I'm not sure, but it sounds like you have a nasty rootkit on board. I would submit a request so the SAS team can help you https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html
  17. no problem . Glad you got everything taken care of. Post back if you have any other questions
  18. yes, check "start SAS when windows starts up" if the bug is there, task manager shows SAS, and enable real time protection is checked, then you are good to go
  19. @chuck That's why I stated that it does not detect some cookies in Firefox. Re read what I posted. @Sheila Open up Main GUI->preferences->updates->click "check for updates now".
  20. That information is incorrect. SAS works fine with firefox 3.5. The only thing it does not do is remove some cookies. Shiela- what firewall are you using? Have a look at my thread, not sure if it will help at all, but I had a similar issue viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3361 One more thing, try updating to the newest build, 4.29.1002, which was released today Please post back if none of this resolves your issue
  21. No problem PS. I would definitely replace macfee with one of the options I listed IMHO.
  22. I just a side note, SAS is not an anitvirus. It is meant to run alongside your AV. If you replace Mcafee, I would replace it with possibly Avira: http://www.avira.com/en/pages/index.php or ESET NOD32: http://www.eset.com/ A few other options would be Avast!: http://www.avast.com/ or Kasperskey: http://www.kaspersky.com/ Any of these will run great with SAS
  23. This is what i read in almost every security forum and every independent test
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