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  1. Four times today I've gotten a warning popup that asks to ok the change in my IE 11 home page, even though there's been no change and two of the times I hadn't even opened IE11 yet (use Opera normally). - in three cases, only the old page showed, the new line being blank, while the third time that was reversed; - the home page showing in the popup is already the current home page in IE (http://yahoo.com). - all four times the popup came when I stopped the SAS Core service process in Windows Task Mgr Any ideas? Never seen this in several years with SAS Pro. See screenshot. Btw, the reason I've been stopping the Core process is because it's been running hot for now obvious reason and slowing my computer down. Win 8.1 Pro x64 SAS Pro 5.6.1040 Core 10857 Trace 8669
  2. Should SAScore64.exe process always run at around 10% cpu? I hadn't noticed it before, but that's what System Explorer (and Win 8 Task Mgr) shows during normal operations. Except for momentary or during-run jumps, that's 10-20x higher than anything else on the computer, running resident or not.
  3. What's apparently been happening is that some updates, such as today's, deactivates SAS Pro, even though it says "lifetime subscription active" up top. It also unchecks all the boxes in the lower left (real-time protection, etc.), even though the text at the top of that section also shows lifetime activation. Attempts to activate again get the "too many" message. Maybe it just needs reinstall, but I've now seen two kinds of problems in Win 8: 1) finding the real-time protection box unchecked, apparently after other updates; and 2) Microsoft has apparently set Windows Defender to turn off if another anti-malware app is running. Are the two interacting in some way, I don't know.
  4. I've been using SAS Pro since 2008. A couple of weeks ago I installed Win 8 Pro x64 in a dual boot with Win 7 and since then I've gotten the "too many activations" message three times: once when starting up in Win 8; once when using the full Administrator account in Win 8, and then again today while using the Local/Admin account in Win 8 (where I regularly work). I don't know for sure if all that is the cause of these notices (and the need to reactivate repeatedly), but it sure seems like it. If so, perhaps it should be looked at. Admin rights in Win 8 work differently than in Win 7, and it's going to be common to have to go back and forth every so often.
  5. Up until roughly a couple of months ago, a full scan of SAS Pro was picking up at most a few bits of spyware and very occasionally a trojan. Since then, no (legit) trojans, but 68 or 69 spyware entries every time. And it looks like the same 68 or 69 each time. Did something change in the way the program works?
  6. http://www.izarc.org/download.html http://www.betterins...false-positive/ It's been submitted by me (now twice) and by IZArc, yet SAS Pro real-time protection is still blocking the installation file, unless I bypass IDM save it to a folder and then ignore the SAS Pro warnings as it runs (it still removes it afterward). It's time to either prove that it's a false positive or correct it.
  7. Again, this morning SAS Pro is doing the same thing every few minutes. Mouse becomes jerky, I open Task Mgr and there's Superantispyware.exe second in the processes list, showing 2% cpu. Doesn't happen often, but when it does SAS Pro is always there. Win 7x64.
  8. 5.0.1150. Ever since a clean install of Win 7x64 on a new SSD in late April/early May, I've noticed that my mouse's movement slows and becomes jerky for a few to several seconds every so often. When it occurs, I sometimes open Task Manager and invariably right below System Idle Processes in the cpu-sorted list is SAS Pro running 1-2%. Could that be the cause of what I'm experiencing? I've tried changed batteries and a new mouse pad, but that hasn't stopped it.
  9. Win 7/64 now and this problem continues. I just noticed with that it was unchecked again. Either the updates or something else is causing it. I thought maybe CCleaner might be deleting it, but the SAS box there is unchecked.
  10. When is this well-reported problem with SAS Pro updates turning off the start setting going to be fixed?
  11. I have to shake my head. It's only been 10 days since I posted - you think I've been sitting around? Suggest checking in next time.
  12. Just reinstalled Win 7 from 32 to 64 bit and set the only scan (full) for Thursdays at 2pm. But a full scan just started at 12am Thursday morning. What might be going on? Before posting this, I did a search on this forum for "Windows 7 64 bit" and got the error message that there either weren't enough characters or I used disallowed characters. What's with that? Thanks,
  13. I'm puzzled by your answer. If the user of SAS Pro voluntarily chooses to use the sys tray check box, then it's not hard to see the logic of combining that with closing via the X during a scan (or you can make it a separate option). Consider all the people who have no trouble this way with Microsoft Security Essentials, Comodo, Avira, Avast, Secunia PSI or CSI, and all the commercial ad blockers and other utilities that return to the sys tray from the X. Your answer implies that SAS Pro users are an incredibly unintelligent lot.
  14. Of my three wishes: 1) it appears there is a little extra something on the sys tray icon during the scan; it would be nice if hovering over the icon included "scanning." 2) Done, thank you. 3) I was told that v5 would fix what happened when an open scan box is closed via the X, to conform with the way most other sys tray apps work, but it's still the same "are you sure you want to stop the scan." Is it coming?
  15. AMD C-50 processor 1.0GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 2GB RAM, Win 7/64 Also running MSE and Win 7 firewall, Ccleaner I'm soon to go to an SSD and 4GB RAM, once I understand the fan situation better. Update: watching my desktop boot cold, with the same settings SAS Pro also hits 40-50% CPU, but only stays there for a few moments. That's on a AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core 7750 (AM2+) with 4GB RAM, running XP/SP3
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