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  1. Done. I'll post back if I get a reply. Thanks for your help. Chet
  2. The flag by eSafe said it was a "suspicious trojan/worm." The flag by Prevx1 said "Heuristic -- suspicious file with persistence. Also given was this information, whatever it means: MD5: cfb148ff1d6b6b9b1e8c6499b671fc2e SHA1: b06dafa5e5433cfd6f8ee3c17fa87671b72100a9 SHA256: a51d323c9a07ef6da7c74aa9cc9abae8af1fb88d09aae058ac513f67f1b717f1 SHA512: c3e20b85181acd5adcfa851f64e9c87573818f96db2fc823992c7c3c7e9a10b594c4ecb3317008410917ed9319edadfe4d0125b683d01727722a832ed4cb172c thanks, Chet
  3. Thanks, fatdcuk. I got two "hits" in the VirusTotal service. Don't know if that's a significant number or not, but I went ahead and quarantined the file anyway. I'm curious, though: How could a file that's been on my computer for years, apparently clean all that time, suddenly become infected with a trojan? Is that unusual? Thanks, Chet
  4. Hello group, I'm relatively new here. Using Superantispyware free edition. After scanning, I got a window saying a trojan had been detected in a screensaver executable file, of all things. I have had this file on my computer for several years and it never gave a problem before, even after many scannings with Superantispyware. To be safe, I let Superantispyware isolate the file, since I can live without the screensaver. Could this be a false positive? Or could a trojan actually infect such a file? Thank you, Chet
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