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  1. I bought lifetime SAS Pro. My machine was not able to connect to download virus updates for a long time and i think i have a bug that is blocking it. who knows - i am not a computer expert. so being the genius-light that i am, i decided to uninstall it, and then re-install it. now i cannot reinstall it. when i try, it tells me that Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. my connectivity is fine. i have probably messed something up. In an effort to get in there, i asked it to automatically obtain the DNS and IP Server address automatically. might that have something to do with it? help, ijust want to clean this machine. I love SAS and it worked great on my other machine. OKAY, I THOUGHT SOMEONE HAD ANSWERED THIS QUESTION, BUT THE REPLY IS JUST A PASTE OF MY ORIGINAL EMAIL. WHY DID THEY DO THAT AT 10:30 LAST NIGHT?
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