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  1. Well Yippe Yi Yeh! Thanks fatd, your instructions worked a treat, my Bug is back in the task bar. Im sure this information will be usefull to others. All the best Oh, by the way whats HTH?
  2. Oh dear, I come across my 1st hurdle. As soon as I went to preferences and selected Transfer Product License. An Alert box appeared warning me to only do this action if I am reinstalling XP or moving the product to a new computer. Nither of which I am planning to do. Help!
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply Fatd Im going to do it now, I not that technical, so Ive taken the precaution of creating a restore point. I'll report back as soon as Im done.
  4. After downloading and trying out the SAS pro on the trial period, I decided to purchase SAS PROF and download the 4.20 update. I have noticed a changed in the way the software behaves, which i don't think occured before. Before the bug icon used to appear in the Task bar, but now it no longer appears. I was worried that maybe SAS was no longer active, but to my surprise SAS window popped up and did a sheduled scan. I have checked my Preference setting and it shows that SAS icon in the system tray is checked. Is this how it works now due to the version update?
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    Hi all. Just managed to access the forum. I wanted to say,a big Thank You to the SAS people. I'm extremely happy with their customer service and the speed of their response and the ability to answer my foolish questions in a very profesional and welcoming manner each time. I do have a few more burining questions regarding the featurs in the product, but Ill try and work it out from the support pages and the help pages before I bother them some more. So there we are, I registered my software today. Over the moon with the prof SAS. Ill be recommeding this to all my friends. Ill be popping into this forum from time to time to try and learn more from you clever people out there. Bye for now
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