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  1. I've been waiting like forever for an update of superadblocker. But I've lost all hope, and I don't think we can expect an update anytime soon. Honestly speaking, I think superadblocker has been discontinued since there hasn't been an update in more then 2 years! And since Ad Muncher (www.admuncher.com) is now fully compatible with Windows 7, IE8 and Firefox 3.5x I've switched to that.
  2. I think we are now at about 2 years ago since the last update of SuperAdBlocker.. in the mean time IE8 went final, FireFox 3.5 went final, Windows 7 is at RC1 (which is the last version before the final comes out). And where is SAB in all this...?
  3. Core and trace definitions are not the same thing as the anti-spyware engine... Definitions and signatures and not the be all and end all in fighting malware, the technology that is used "under the hood" of the anti-spyware engine is just as important...
  4. You're certainly not the only one who is waiting for certain bug fixes on SAB...
  5. SuperAdBlocker has a severely outdated anti-spyware engine, I believe it uses version 3.x of the SuperAntiSpyware engine.
  6. If you believe this is true then go ahead... but I don't believe this is true, with the prime example of the whole outdated SAS engine in SAB and the issues with SAB combined with UAC in Vista. Also I find it hard to believe that SAB has no bugs that need fixing or things that need improving, especially since version 4.6.1000 was released on 08/16/2007. This sounds to me like there is no new version to be expected for IE7/IE8 in the near future or that Firefox 3 is the cause of an unreasonable delay of releasing a new version of SAB that is 100% compatible with Windows Vista in ALL aspects. I have raised my concerns already on multiple occasions, and reading from your replies my concerns will not be addressed in the near future because it doesn't seem to fit your development cycle. From a user standpoint the only program that you visibly and actively develop is SuperAntiSpyware. You may continuously say that you are actively developing SAB (and your other software), but the longer updates stay out the more credibility you loose. The slogan "when it's ready" only satisfies people for so long, and if enough time goes by then this same slogan because meaningless.
  7. Sure... seeing is believing, but until then... But who cares what I think anyway, I'm just a simple user that used to use SuperAntiSpyware and SuperAdBlocker... but after many delays, many vague promises, 2 years of Vista being available and the amazing lack of updates to SuperAdBlocker, well let's just say I'm feeling a little ripped-off. I wonder if I'm the only one... But there's no sense in continuing my rant, so I'll stop complaining now.
  8. If the marked parts in the above quote are turning out to be true, then I think you guys make many empty promises.... you always say "soon", or "when it's ready"... but in the end the feature simple gets dumped completely. If you are planning to dump features, then don't say or advertise that those features are going to be made available *soon*.
  9. IE8 RC1 is released, Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is delayed... current date is February 2009.
  10. You hit it right on the nail here, to bad the developers don't see it that way. I'll refrain myself from other comments, because it's pointless to make them.
  11. Many promises were given... but actually releasing new stuff... delay after delay after delay... And then I'm not only talking about 64-bit support...!
  12. We don't post release dates as we work hard on all of our product, SUPERAntiSpyware, SUPERAdBlocker, SUPERFileRecover, FileResearchCenter, and other upcoming products and release them when they are done. We have builds of SUPERAdBlocker in private testing now for Firefox 3, IE8 and some other goodies. IE8 and Firefox 3.1 are both approximately estimated to go final in the 2nd quarter of 2009, with release candidate versions somewhere in the 1st quarter. So I guess no SuperAdBlocker update until then... And I'm certainly not counting on a release this year, like mentioned somewhere else on this forum...
  13. I had a mixed behavior: I tried to run several times the screensaver and almost half of the time it was stopped and the other half allowed, so... Well I seriously hope this is some kind of bug, because I find this behavior unacceptable from a real-time monitor. If a threat is detected it should be blocked 100% of the time.
  14. The SAS realtime monitor indeed showed a warning message....... but it didn't stop the screensaver from running..... What good is it to pop-up an alert and then allow the program to be run....
  15. By the time the new version comes out my license will be expired.... and the way things are going now I will not be extending it. New versions have been promised for many months now.... It seems to me that everything is about SuperAntiSpyware nowadays and other products are forgotten in the process. Sorry to say this, but that's how I see it. No known development cycle is posted, no known progress is posted, no beta's versions are appearing. And when a program isn't updated in 1,5 years.... well let's just say that makes me nervous. When eventually a new version is posted, will it then take another 1,5 years for a new version?
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