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  1. Okay, I reselected ADS & deselected Ignore Non-Executable Files & Scan Only Known Types. I set up a Custom Scan of just the group of picture directories that each have one of these mysterious thumbs.db:encryptable files & no, it didn't hang on them this time either, & this time it just called them thumbs.db.
  2. Okay I just ran a full scan without Scan ADS selected & it took two & a half hours which is exactly half of what it takes when it is selected.
  3. I don't know I haven't tried that. I'll give it a go & let you know. Will un-checking Scan ADS significantly reduce the effectiveness of the SAS scan?
  4. Thanks but I think I may have figured out the problem so have some information that may be of some interest or relevance to other users. I just let the SAS scan run out last night & found out that when it stalls on a file, & you just leave it long enough, it will eventually start moving again (albeit a long time). The files it always stops on are ones called thumbs.db:encryptable which appear is some of my picture directories. Once it scans past them it zips along nicely. I use ThumbsPlus to manage all my pictures & have some of them grouped together to run as a slideshow (rather than using a screensaver) which is a feature ThumbsPlus. Interestingly, SAS only stalls on thumbs.db:encryptable files in the directories that I use in the slideshow. I tried looking through all the files (including the hidden ones) in the directory myself but can't see it there. Weird. It must be something created by the ThumbsPlus slideshow feature that confuses SAS... Also, I disabled TeaTime. If I can get SAS stabilised I'll most probably trash SpyBot altogether.
  5. This seems to be a common problem recently experienced by some SAS users but I have now encountered this same problem myself. I know it's nothing on my PC that causes this because I just did an avast! boot scan & it never stalls on the same file - a different one each time. I'm currently running the Pro edition in the trial period (because I like the scheduling option) & I have installed SAS on other PCs as well as this one (in the past) & have never had this problem before. The Elapsed Time is still running but the scan stops & I the only way I can get out of it is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del & ending the software in the System Processes. I've reinstalled the software several time but the problem persists. I have deselected Use Direct Disk Access in the Preferences but it didn't do any good. Most frustrating. Is there a fix that we know of yet (other than uninstalling it completely & replacing it with 4.2)? Thank you.
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