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  1. I'm using the Pro \ Lifetime version of SAS. If this delta-homes threat is new to SAS, you can easily install it by Googling delta-homes. I'm disappointed that I had to install yet another program to deal with what SAS exclusively deals with.
  2. Thanks for the information. Would there have been any way for SAS to have prevented this 'delta-homes' intrusion to begin with?
  3. After spending about 30 minutes with this annoying delta-homes intrusion, I searched online and installed AdwCleaner which not only was free, it worked. I did try a full SAS scan, it didn't remove this delta-homes intruder. I searched here for delta-homes ... saw only one post and the suggestion was to click remove PUP's in program options (or something like that). I'm using the latest version of SAS ( database version 11652, 12/10/2104), and I looked through all the menus. Where is this option? Why wasn't this detected? Thanks, Dave Horne
  4. I have since deleted the file. Sorry not to be of more help.
  5. I'm have this file quarantined but suspect it might be a false positive. I did spell that correctly ... SkipEM.exe Thoughts?
  6. I'm no expert but had the same problem today though with fewer files 'infected'. Apparently there is an issue with a particular update. Update SAS to the latest version. Right mouse click the System Tray icon, update, and run another scan. Even if you happen to let SAS remove (quarantine) those files they are still accessible and can be placed back. I didn't quarantine mine since I could see that most of the files were not suspicious. There have been several postings here regarding solutions ... just update to the latest version and you should be good.
  7. Well, by simply rebooting I managed to update. I'm guessing there's an issue with SAS and the sleep mode of Vista Home Premium? Problem solved.
  8. I purchased SAS for my home computer and my wife's laptop. My wife's laptop now gives me the message that I need to be at an Administrator level to update. What hoops must I jump through? Thanks, Dave Horne
  9. I am having problems with the update for 9 Dec 2008. If I open SAS Pro from 'Start' (in Vista Home Premium, SP1, up to date), click on 'check for updates', I am told I am up to date. (Database definitions are up to date.) However if I right click on the SAS icon in the System Tray I am told there are updates. I follow through on clicking the appropiate boxes and and them told again that there are updates. This keeps on going and going .... and going until I close it down. What gives? Advice, suggestions? Thanks, Dave Horne
  10. Thanks for the fast reply! ... and sorry for all the spelling errors, I was in a hurry.
  11. I chnaged the opening pages for IE7 and SUPERAntiSpyware promted or alerted me. Fine, that's what I expect it to do. I bought this program for use on two computers. I chnaged the opening pages on IE7 on my wife's laptop and there was no alert, no prompt, no nothing. I did not change the top line (about:blank), but added two other pages for lines 2 and 3. Does SUPERAntiSpyware only work if the first line is changed (and the opton to detect checked)? IE7, Windows Vista Hme Premium - SP1
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