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  1. I'll try and get him to scan again, thanks!
  2. I haven't used Windows for a few years, but my still father does. A few weeks ago he had a nasty spyware, which SuperAntiSpyware, at the suggestion of a friend, erradicated (thank you very much)! We had him load BoClean, also. My father lives an hour away (and an ultra-newbie, so he doesn't understand these products). He told me his computer takes a long time to boot (maybe ten minutes). He asked about the registry (presumably, there is something that takes place on boot that scans the registry...I really don't know). In any event, does SAS scan the registry, and if so, how would I tell him to disable this feature for faster boots. If, on the other hand, BoClean might be the culprit, please let me know. Thanks!
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