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  1. problem solved... i just found out, that there is a roaming folder on vista it seems that SAS uninstaller didn't erase this SAS roaming file and it crashed with my new installed SAS. So the solution is: 1. boot up in safe mode 2. search SAS roaming files and delete it! 3. run uninstaller from SAS. 4. restart your computer 5. install the SAS 6. and the update work like charms without any crash. thanks for all ur reply
  2. i have downloaded the SAS pre released... it is the same... is SAS compatible with vista sp1 fully update? because i also used SAS on my desktop XP SP3, and it work great. O... I just love SAS, but now i am not able to use it again... ;( is it my registry broken or SAS have conflict with my recent bitdefender firewall.. but i don't think bitdefender is the problem, with my avast, the SAS also has the same problem.. please admin help me...
  3. i just download the SAS free edition for my desktop after i installed it and run the SAS update the core definition remain the same as i the first time i downloaded the SAS although it already said, the download is finished. But the core won't change. And if i update it again, it crash my desktop... OMG :( somebody please helpp...
  4. i have reinstall it and it keep the same problem... omg.. i am getting sick of this madness....
  5. it just the SAS.exe running. no other program running on the background of my desktop... well, i have installed it on my desktop and notebook. The desktop update work great but the notebook is giving me a trouble. u see, the core definition update is actually downloaded at first, but the core value won't change from 3530 to 3531, so i update it again. And it crash my notebook.. shoot... what happen to my SAS... T___T someone help me..
  6. well, it keep bother me how slow the speed of the update download in SAS and in the end, the update box give me a " not responding.. " text even if i tried to download manually from the websites, it only give me 0-2kb/s for the Core Definitions 3531 08/08/2008 09:07PM PDT 2227KB Download as u see, i am using a vista home premium, 2 gig, 2,1ghz with cable internet connection of 1500kbps at the max. now my SAS sticks with Definition Database version Core : 3530 Trace: 1520 the core won't update and it always hang my notebook!! :x is it my SAS mistake or anyone having a same problem with me? help please
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