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  1. Is there any time frame you could give on when First Chance Prevention will work with Vista. (32b) Or is it even being worked on? (Not complaining) just like to know.
  2. It is a Great Program. In the past year it saved my dads PC too, that his Combo AV/AS missed altogether. I use the SUPERAntispyware Pro version with what ever other security program that is installed on my PC.
  3. In a future version we will providing many more scheduling options. Thats Great.
  4. All is fine now, core3652 trace 1634.
  5. Same happening here, reboot twice and even exited the program. But still get core 3650 trace 1633. when core is showing 3651 on SAS home page.
  6. I had the same problem twice within 6-8 weeks this last one with Database Version 3597. But after a few reboots it works fine again.
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