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  1. Turned on Win10 today and clicked on SAS and still a long time to open. I had to click again and then it finally opened.
  2. I have always had the free version. There is no icon in lower right of screen. I just go the Start and then click on SAS.
  3. I don't know what is happening lately but when I click on SAS to open, I have to wait and wait and then I have to click again for it to open. Why is this happening? I don't remember it happening in the past with my Win10.
  4. Thank you. I installed the SAS on my Win 10 notebook. Is there someplace I can look on this SAS to see that it installed the Win10 version?
  5. Thank you. Just wanted to say I did not receive an email alert that responses were made. Was I supposed to receive an email alert?
  6. #1- Will SAS 6.0.1228 work on my Win 10 notebook? #2- Also, does SAS do the same thing as CCleaner? I have found that if I don't use CCleaner and use SAS, SAS will pick-up some exceptions. If I use CCleaner first and clean the exceptions found, and then use SAS, SAS will not pick-up any exceptions. Thankyou.,
  7. I just ran a Custom scan of my C: drive on my Win7 computer and the results were: =============== Scan type : Custom Scan Total Scan Time : 00:26:09 Operating System Information Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Service Pack 1 (Build 6.01.7601) UAC On - Limited User Memory items scanned : 557 SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log =========== Why did it only scan 557 items? When I run a scan with another program it always shows thousands of items scanned.
  8. alicez


    Un-checking the SAS in CCleaner appears to have fixed the log problem. The last three scans now appear in the scan log section. Hopefully that was the solution. One thing still confuses me a bit. What is difference between Compelte scan and Custom scan? I ran a Complete scan and it took 12:42 minutes. A Custom scan of C: drive took 24:27 minutes. I thought they would both take about the same time to complete and both would take much longer to complete. (Win7) (Might have asked similar question previously but it is just confusing to me when other Anti-Malware programs have always taken longer.)
  9. alicez


    CCleaner. I just checked CCleaner - Cleaner section/Applications and notice that SAS was checked. Let me uncheck it and run another scan and see if the logs will then be showing in Log seciton of CC. Thanks for mentioning "cleaners." Let's see if unchecking SAS will allow scan logs to be saved from now on.
  10. alicez


    I run scans but when I look in the log section I do not see logs. Why not? (6.0.1130) I restarted computer (Win7) and still shows NO logs from the past of for today.. I run complete and custom scans.
  11. I still notice that only current scan is listed in the Scan Log
  12. No, the option to save logs is not disabled. I just did anther scan on this Win7 and this time dd a Complete scan and it took just 12 minutes. Which I think is quite a short time and wonder if it is actually doing a COMPLETE scan (which takes much longer than my other Malware program's full scan. There was a copy of this scan in the Scan Log. I did a Custom scan of C: drive on my Vista notebook (which doesn't have as many 'files' as the Win7) and that scan took 26 minutes; so I don't know what is going on with the scans. I think I will have to think about keeping this SAS on these two computers if it is not doing a 'complete' scan each time.
  13. Thank you. I noitce when I go to "Scan Logs," there is no record of the scan I did. Shouldn't that scan be listed there?
  14. I did a Custom scan of the C: on my Win7 computer which has quite a lot of files on it. What us the latest version? I have 6.0.1130
  15. I have SAS 6 and did a scan of my C drive on my Win7 64-bit computer and it only took only 22 minutes. My other scan programs take around one hour to scan C drive. Why does SAS take such a short time? I hope you can see one of the following images:
  16. Make sure when you go into the settings that you UN tick the option for program updates, as you only need the def updates. I un-checked both of the following in Updates: #1- Automatically check for program and definition updates every 8 hours (recommended) #2- Check for program updates when the application starts (recommended) Is that what you meant? When we (manually) check for definition updates every week, wouldn't program updates also be downloaded with the definition updates and therefore possibly updating our current version 4.24.1004? Which we would not want to do! The un-checking appears to only pertain to automatic updates.
  17. If I installed version 4.24.1004, wouldn't it be updated to another version whenever I tried to get new updates (definitions)??
  18. I tried to install SAS on my Win98se notebook and it would not install. It said something about newer version of Windows needed. I thought SAS worked with all versions of Windows, including 98SE.
  19. I opened my SAS and then checked for updates. They updates were downloaded and I closed SAS. About an hour later I decided to do a scan and when I attemtped to open SAS, I got instead a small box in the middle of the screen saying something to the effect: "SAS is retrieving the latest spyware definitions form our server, please wait. --- downloading spyware definitions, etc." What is this? I never saw it before. I always did my updating by opening SAS and clicking on the Check or Updates. I never saw that little box pop-up first and then proceed to do a (slow) download/update. Can anyone explain? Thank you Alice
  20. Thanks. I unchecked (on General/Startup Page) the "Show SAS icon in system tray." Also, unchecked "Start SAS when Windows starts." Since then, I have not been getting that SAS message when closing down (so far). Are you showing SAS icon in system tray? If yes, then maybe that might related to your 'problem.' I looked in the "Hi-Jack Protection" and see all four boxes are checked. I have the Free SAS; therefore no scheduled scanning, as far as I know. Seems many folks have SAS set-up differently and trying to find 'definitive' answers is a bit difficult. As I mentioned, I had it on my desktop, but it would not work with NIS. I have it on my Gateway notebook (WinXPsp3) and Toshiba notebook (Vista). The Gateway was the one that was getting the SAS (running) message on shut-down, but since I removed the SAS icon from tray, have not seen it (so far - fingers crossed). Thanks again for the message. Alice
  21. I donwloaded updates tonight and noticed that (a few I believe) languages were also downloaded. I use only English and wonder why the other languages are downloading. Is that necessary? Can I prevernt that in the future, so that only English language updates are downloaded? Thanks Alice
  22. alicez


    Are the Logs stored in any type of (date) order? I ran a scan today and cannot find the log of that scan. Please advise. Thank you Alice
  23. I have SAS on my Vista and so far - no problems. I had it on my WinXP desktop but had to remove because it would not work 'properly' with Norton Internet Security. I also have on my WinXP notebook and during the past month when I tried to turn off my the notebook, I get a pop-up stating that notebook is trying to close SAS. That stays there for a few seconds and then it states (as far as I can remember) that it cannot shut down SAS; and so I just close the box and turn off the notebook. Why is this happening? Why would the SAS be running when I am turning the notebook OFF? I do not use automatic update or scanning. Someone told me to put the SAS icon on the Taskbar (notifications area), and I wonder if that could be causing the pop-up when shutting off the computer (that SAS is still running and Windows is trying to turn it off). Anyone have an answer/solution? If not, I will uninstall it, which I would not like to do. Alice
  24. Thank you. That's all I wanted to know. As a novice will all of this 'stuff,' it is quite intimidating and I do not want to do anything that might 'screw-up' my notebooks. I would like each program to be running with best settings. I would not like to use a program and have the settings incorrectly set. I will do the following on my WinXP notebook: Check: Start SAS when windows starts Check: Show SAS icon in system tray Check: Do not scan when SAS starts Check: Use Windows XP style menues (if applicable) --------------------------------------------------- And will do the same on my Vista Premium and will also check: Integrate with Vista Security Center
  25. Still confused, sorry. This is what I see recommended on the Internet: If you can't see image, you can see it at: http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sasnr1.jpg It shows only the "Show icon in system tray," AND "use Windows XP style menus." Does anyone know POSITIVELY just what MUST be checked for SAS (FREE version) to run properly? I just want to use it as a scan program (because it is FREE version, it does not have Real Time protection). (I have this FREE version on my Win XP sp3 notebook and also on my Vista notebook.)
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