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  1. Hi, The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows has a working SAS plugin which works fine; in fact it's been there for quite some time. UBCD for Windows can be found at: http://ubcd4win.com/ Kind Regards Simon
  2. Hi, No I have not sent you a sample. I am rather surprised that that you appear not to have heard about this particular worm which is in the press and on just about every Internet news site! I take it you have been living in a cave on Mars with your fingers in your ears for the last few weeks? I am frankly a little disappointed that SAS is not being more pro-active in this area give this is probably the most serious worm released since Sasser and MS Blaster. Can I suggest that you double check to see if you have included detection for this in SAS (and answer my question) because if you haven't then I will need to recommend alternative software to all of my customers and re-think my recommendation of your software in the future. Regards Simon
  3. Hi, Can anyone confirm for me which (if any) versions of the Conficker Worm that SAS will detect and remove? More info on the other names this worms goes by here: http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/Entry.aspx?Name=Worm%3aWin32%2fConficker.A Kind Regards Simon
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