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  1. No, I gave up. Please post if you find an answer.
  2. I checked Automatic setting; same error. Even tried a reboot. Definitions Updated 00/00/0000 at 00:00 AM.
  3. Hi, no, not even Automatically detect settings. Humm, perhaps because I'm using Hughes satellite? Host file? I don't know what that is, so no?
  4. SAS's exe and updater are in both inbound and outbound permissions for the firewall. Keep the ideas coming, please!
  5. I have IE7, but use Firefox as my default browser. I did check Internet Options in Control Panel, in Firefox and in IE7, all do not have proxy settings selected. I really appreciate the suggestions. This is frustrating!
  6. Internet Properties, Connections Tab, LAN Settings: nothing checked. Proxy server, unchecked. There isn't anything to 'select your connection and click settings'. Vista menu's different than the one you have?
  7. I keep getting the error: There was an error trying to retrieve definitions. Make sure your firewall is not blocking SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE from accessing the Internet. I first installed SAS two versions ago and got this error. No definition updates. Even with Window's firewall turned off. I unintalled, got a new version and same error. Today, I uninstalled using the SASUNINST.EXE file, rebooted, downloaded ver 4.15.1000 same error. I'm running Vista with all the updates and SP1. I'm running as admin. No 3rd party firewalls, only Window's firewall. I have turned it off to no avail. SAS will run a scan, but simply won't update the definitions. Suggestions please?
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