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  1. It will remove some variants of Virtumonde. You should scan with other popular anti-spyware programs as well. Like I did, nothing left of Virtumonde in my PC.
  2. I don't have multiple users on my computer but I think it will scan other users when selecting Full Scan, Quick Scan just scans where malware likes to hide. Hope this helps.
  3. Not only SAS is out-of-date but even AVG. The latest is 8.0...
  4. Sorry, I'm trying the trial version and I want to know where does it show the expiration date but instead of showing the date it shows "Click here to register/activate".
  5. How do I know when my license expires? Thanks.
  6. In Firefox's Options menu there will be an Exceptions list. For example Firefox will show a pop-up of a certain website if the URL is added to the Exceptions list of the pop-up blocker. But I checked there are tons of links that I think are malicious websites and the status is set to "Block". I don't know what added these entries and I removed all of them and re-added one legitimate website that shows updated tropical cyclone information via pop-ups that was overwritten. I scanned using both Spybot S&D and SuperAntiSpyware but it only detected tracking cookies. I tested my computer for Vundo using some tips from http://bbayles.googlepages.com/antivundo.html and I found no suspicious DLL files and I think my AVG+Avast+Adaware+Spybot Search and Destroy+SUPERAntiSpyware combo removed all of it. I think something else is causing this. And If it's malware adding these, it also adds lines so Firefox block images of these assumed malicious websites. Can you please help?
  7. you shouldn't posted the link or someone might accidentally clicked it and ka-boom!
  8. Try updating the drivers. Cause it's a year old now but I really doubt if Nvidia still updates drivers for the GeForce 7600 since it's about two to three years old now.
  9. Hi, This is the second time I'm posting here. Thank your for this great program, cleaned the rest of Vundo that my other antispyware programs can't delete. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Removing infections ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a scan completes, after clicking "Remove", or what button is it (I can be forgetful sometimes). It will automatically quarantine it. Perhaps you could add an option if we would like to remove it and also show in the list what is the file's recommended action (like if a serious one must be quarantined and tracking cookies removed). And you can choose whether you want to quarantine it or remove it. Sorry if this is pretty hard to understand, English is not my native language.
  10. This is weird, I also have SP3 and SUPERAntiSpyware detected some Vundo infections, removed it and I restarted my comp and nothing happened.
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