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  1. Isn't this the normal behaviour of Windows security center.
  2. Spybot is obsolete by now and cannot deal with new threats. On the other hand SUPERAntiSpyware provides much more frequent(daily, spybot weekly) updates and also has powerful heuristics that help a lot in detecting the new threats.
  3. My suggestions for future versions of SUPERAntiSpyware: * = importance level GUI: -**I think that it would be nice to make a Tray Icon that changes when SAS updates, scans and, most important, when the protection is off. Protection: -***An "interactive" protection, so that you can decide what to do with a threat. On the other hand, the automatic one, when the threats are automatically blocked, and there should also be an option for automatic quarantining. Please see the image below. -***When a threat is detected, there should be a button to remove all/selected the detected threat(s) immediately, rather than rely on scanning first. (Look at the image below). -*****An option to protect the Windows HOST file, so that if a threat tries to block access to specific websites, the user gets notified. (Similar to the Hi-Jack protection) -***A browser plugin which can block known bad websites(not a full featured rating system like SiteAdvisor or WOT, just one that blocks dangerous websites). It should be IE-Firefox-Opera compatible. If this is not possible, an immunization features, that adds the dangerous websites to the Windows HOST file. This can be extremely helpful to prevent known and uknown infections. Scanning: -**An option to decide what type of threats to detected, at least an option that lets you decide whether or not to detect Not Harmful applications( like Jokes etc.). -*The ability to set the priority of the scan, to avoid unecessary slowdowns. -****The ability to use multiple instances of the scanner, come on, don't be primitive! -***An option to automatically remove tracking cookies, without notifying the user at all, before a quick/complete/custom scan (So scan for and remove tracking cookies first, then continue with the other scanning parts). Others: -*The ability to schedule updates at a specific date and time. -*When a threat is detected, it would be nice if there was some characteristic sound,(for ex: Kaspersky has that screaming pig, Avira a beep etc.) as well as the ability to set a custom sound. EXTRA: A SUPERAntiSpyware bootable Rescue disk, (which can be updatable), for very nasty infections. An Online Scanner, which can detect and remove threats, to use when you cannot use the Rescue disk and you cannot install programs(in case of file-infectors/corruptors).
  4. Manual Updates, read the instructions at the end of the page https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html
  5. +1 to that, in fact all that behavioral blocking, system monitoring stuff he suggested goes more into the range of an anti-virus/internet security suite in my opinion and would hinder SAS's ability to be compatible with just about every other known AV/AS/FW out there. Not to mention it would eat up more system resources (ram and cpu time aren't free when you have a realtime app scrutinizing every process). If you look at the resources used by apps like Spyware Doctor and SpySweeper (which do have all those extra blockers and monitors) they are monstorous in comparison to SAS and often can't block/remove the newest nasties, but this technology is better? SAS is a lightweight targeted app with a low cost on both the wallet and system resources and I don't ever want to see that change. I agree too. One of SAS's great features is it's incredible lightness. ~500KB RAM when idle, while fully protecting, ~3MB with GUI opened and ~10MB when updating. That's really awesome. If you compare it to the other anti spywares they occupy 10 times as much as SAS and slowdown file transferring. I don't want SAS to become like SpySweeper... So keep it great but keep it light!
  6. I guess you mean SUPERAntiSpyware Pro... Anyway, try booting in safe mode and running a scan from there(if you don't know how to do it, you can use the BootSafe utility include in SUPERAntiSpyware)
  7. Just click Add to Trusted zone BTW, you're using an old version of Kaspersky, which won't provide enough protection nowadays, you should upgrade to the latest one.
  8. Download manually updates and put them in the infected computer. http://updates.superantispyware.com/app ... SSLIST.ZIP http://updates.superantispyware.com/app ... ELATED.ZIP
  9. Mrizos, who tested many antivirus programs, reviewed SAS. Result: Very good. At the same level of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus! Good job! Full review: It's divided in 5 parts
  10. Yes, of course not all the variants, that's impossible, but most.
  11. That depends. Have you submitted the infected file to SUPERAntiSpyware? If yes, and if you're using the pro version, SAS won't let the malicious app from running. PS:It's a shame that NOD32 doesn't include any self protection module, it can be terminated so easily
  12. Go under preferences: -Disable the Splash Screen -Disable First-Time Prevention Try again and see the difference
  13. I strongly recommend not to use Internet Explorer. Use another browser, like Opera or Firefox.
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