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  1. Here's something interesting that happened this morning(Wednesday). Thought I had solved the prob with S.A.S. by disabling the "start with windows" option.Just ran the program manually & it came up with that error message again "S.A.S. has encountered a problem & needs to close". Then all my progs in the left menu wont start including BT Internet.So now I only reboot to clear the problem as S.A.S. is disabled from starting with windows.This is a perplexing problem.Ran all manner of checks on Windows-no corrupt windows files-in fact no problems at all.There seems to be a possible conflict here somewhere between S.A.S. & something on my system(possibly in windows) Your thoughts would be welcome.Sorry to keep troubling you with this. Going to try something different now.Will uninstall the PRO version & try the free home edition for a while to see what happens.WATCH THIS SPACE - UPDATE Aug 7th-Been running the free home edition now for a day without any prob.Got it set to start with WINDOWS on boot up without any malfunction/closure/shutdown.So what difference is there between Home Edition & Pro.? The only difference I can see is in the Pro you have "Real Time Protection" & not in the Home Edition. This all rather puzzling.I am quite happy having to use the free one at the moment.Perhaps it will get solved sometime.
  2. Just came home-booted up & the same thing again.SUPERANTISPYWARE has to close sorry for the inconvenience & everything on the left menu is disabled again.So back into SAFE MODE-disable S.A.S from starting with windows-reboot & everything works.Right clicked S.A.S. in "C" programs & the version number is Which is what I downloaded today.This has got me beat.If I disable S.A.S in SAFE MODE & then reboot everything works.So what do I do? Dont want to lose S.A.S.Afraid to enable S.A.S now.HELP!! Just discovered if I disable it from starting with WINDOWS then it works ok. Just means I have to run it to check the system for trojans/adware.Enabled REAL TIME PROTECTION.It seems to malfunction only if it starts with WINDOWS.
  3. Just had the same problem as before.Switched on the PC today & S.A.S. came up with " S.A.S. has encountered a problem & needs to close".As before it cant send the error report because when it closes everything is disabled again.So off into safe mode I went & disabled S.A.S. from starting with WINDOWS & rebooted.System then back to normal-everything works.I did notice this time on the error panel that came up when S.A.S. closed it mentioned "mod name NTDLL.DLL" the rest of the error report was meaningless to me.So now I have to uninstall S.A.S. again .I dont want to lose S.A.S. at all-it's a smashing program.Any ideas would be welcome.This time I downloaded the Pro Trial version & entered my code - all ok so far.
  4. Thanks for reply Seth.Haven't had any more problems since the re-install of S.A.S..As you say it's just one of those things that happen.I am very satisfied with the S.A.S. Pro version it certainly finds things others do not.
  5. Earlier this week(Monday) when I booted the PC and everything loaded up SUPERANTISPYWARE came up with this message "SuperAntiSpyware has encountered a problem & needs to close.Sorry for the inconvnience" Or words to that effect.Then I discovered that after it closed that I could not access any programs from the left hand menu or open drives "C" "D" or "E" or open the control panel or access the internet through the BT Broadband icon.The only items accessible were on the TASKBAR.SuperAntiSpyware therefore could not send the error report with the net inaccessible.The only way out in the end was to go into safe mode where I could get at everything & disable SuperAntiSpyware from starting with windows then reboot the PC.Everything then came up normal & I then uninstalled your program.Reset again to check & the PC booted again normally & I could access everything.I paid for the PRO Edition after using the free edition for a while and liked the program immensely.I then reinstalled the free edition & entered my code to activate the PRO Edition again.So far so good.Is it possible a file corrupted in S A SPYWARE ? Without it being able to send that error report when it happened we may never know I guess.Sorry for the long winded topic but I tried to include everything that happened.Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Hi everyone I am new here & would like to post a problem I had with the PRO EDITION OF SUPERANTISPYWARE but I dont want to put it in the wrong section.Which section should I use please?.
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