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  1. how about get some free webspace fromyour ISP or from other servers and then just put the link onto the forum. screenshots are safe but something tells me that u wanna upload malware to the forum, pretending your being helpful. But really, distroying the forum by infecting it. why is it only your sugestions that seem iffy.. meaning risky to the program affecting it largely for the worst and only an advantage to the few. definition files are small so why back along argue that they should use a certain zip format. you waste more kilobits on these forums then you do to just accept the benefits of the program and leave a good program as it is
  2. apart from screenshots i see no reason to have a file upload. if it to do with reports of false positives.. or spyware not detected on your system superantispyware can be contacted directly to inspect your scan reports. this forum is for discussion and suggwestions, let them concentrate on making a better program not making your life easier for no good reason but your own. if you have a suggestion atleast add why it would benefit. not just the feature you'd like to see[/b]
  3. it would be great however having a easy to access removal tool for SAS on the start > all programs would make it easier to the malicious programs to shell execute that and remove it so they can happily infect pc's. shell execute means to run or to open the program from within another program.
  4. i know there are a few varients of those con/fake antivirus, spyware programs demanding cash to remove 1500 infections the pc doesnt actually have, which superantispyware currently cannot remove. I know VB, asp and other coding etc so i know how to make a program myself to remove these variants and i thought you might like to see my style of how i pick them up, so you might find a way to adapt yourself to superantispyware. the main thing i found is that the antivirus 2008 always has startup items and registry items with a gobledeegook name such as rhyourehddd.exe which is hard to detect as this can randomly change. how i found a way to detect and remove the program is to do a registry search for antivirus 2008 and in the sub keys it always has this random exe. i then use this to do a file search for this random exe's. removing any reference to antivirus 2008 and the random exe from files and registry. i have seen 6 variations. including the shield on the taskbar, the antivirus2008/2009 and even a even a few not called antivirus. just by registry searching the keyword. (the program name) linked it to the random file names, screensavers, backgrounds etc which re infect on reboot, helped to then remove the lot in one swoop. my method so far has worked on the 6 variations i have found. all you need to do is make the program engine search in this manner and then the trace or definitions files update with the latest names/keywords hope this helps your development.
  5. No, there's a saying: If it ain't broken don't fix it. my saying works, leave it alone.. oops i meant my saying wasnt broken, so dont fix it. lol
  6. maybe they are seaparate for 3 reasons these are just possible examples not actual facts. jsut out of the box thoughts.. nothing more. 1. the trace files are created at 10 in the morning and the core are made at 2 in the afternoon. to combine the 2 will mean the latest updates may not be ready till 3 in the afternoon. thus holding up the trace team to not begin making the following update because of the 5 hour delay. and leaving a computer not as protected against lastest threats for 5 hours. 2. maybe by combining the file makes it a little harder to deal with. yes it saves seconds on download speed. but creates more then the 5 second time difference to extract and separate the elements to then impliment into the program at users end. 3. because one day there may be no update of one element and on same day there 5 updates of the other. imagine the time wasted and download usage wasted downloading both parts 5 times a day? superantispyware is a great program. be happy its great and stop knit picking little things like the fact they should use 7zip. it aint like you have to download a 700mb file each day. plus arguing on here is wasting more of your time and bandwidth anyways. save time and bandwith, just be happy with it. theres a saying.. if it works leave it alone
  7. my company has done an internal review of accredited antispyware companies. yes i mean the ones accredited by independant LABS not magazines. and the main feedback we have found is there is a 50% split over why some are better then others. one half is to do with bad programmers and researchers. look at the bottom of the list of such places like westcoast labs for examples. the other half is to do with fear. some malware creators have sued the likes of symantec due to the fact that they remove the mal ware. this is to put it simply because the malware is not destructive and not illegally taking money. it is purely advertising and symantec get done through anticompetitve laws. yes malware is a con but they have good lawyers. i would love to see SAS do well and get recognised for the good they do. but i just hope they keep there eyes open for possible law suites for being that good, a added feature i would love to see added to SAS would be a code that finds out who made the malware and then sends a mini-nuke to that programmers house, any chance of intigratating that SAS?? by the weekend? lol
  8. westcoast labs is one that check spyware/malware separetly from antivirus, symantec antispyware and webroot etc accedited with it, i highly suggest allowing them to review SAS i personally work for a multinational company and i highly beleive in SAS personally and from what my colleagues have seen they too have also began using it, our computer systems in work dont use it and we still get spyware and yet i know its the stuff SAS could instantly get rid of.. once accredited our company would happily buy a volume licence. also to note our company is a retailer so if they like it in a professional sense hopefully they might put it on the shelves for customers. one step at a time. please get accredited or recognised more then word of mouth. its such a great program and it stresses me out being told none of our building can have SAS on it and the systems need to be recovered each time.. saves my workload and wasted labour time. save my sanity. everyone knows its a great product please prove it with an accreditation
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