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  1. Just did a scan and SAS found something as a PUP that I use; I am pretty sure it is safe as I have been using it for YEARS, and it is a VERY old program. Actually it is SRS WOWthing. So I want to mark it to not be processed. Results screen does not have a checkbox, so I assume the next screen will. Nope. It gets removed and there seems to be no way to select-out anything found from being removed. Or am I missing something? If this is true, I STRONGLY suggest a change to allow deselection.
  2. I have tried 3 times to submit a support request. After filling out all the fields, when I click on submit, it just sits there forever with 'working' icon spinning. Bottom status says "Waiting for www.superantispyware.com.," but it never "takes." ???? I was trying to submit this: Realtime protection hit on C:\PhSp_CS2_UE_Ret\Adobe® Photoshop® CS2/instmsia.exe as I was installing Photoshop CS2. Manual scan does not flag it. Virustotal does not flag it I cannot submit it since it does not hit during scan--only realtime, which does not have a submit function. Is there any action I should take with you to submit this?
  3. It has been awhile, so I will re-run it and report the results. I currently have the pre-release installed, 4.20.1026. Is that acceptable? Just for the record, the previous version did not stall with DDA turned off, but did with it on.
  4. Pandato, I appreciate that pre-release has "more debugging options," but I don't have a clue about how to use them. I think we are reacting to the fact that even though there seems to be a problem--recent and new--we are not really being asked for feedback to solve the issue...I mean no step by step "do this and tell me the result" problem diagnosis kind of interaction is happening. (Well, a half-bit did happen: I was asked if DDA off solved the problem. It did, and I reported that, then there was no feedback.) Maybe the diagnosis interaction with us is not needed...that y'all already have a handle on it--but we don't know that, so are left feeling like it isn't being addressed.
  5. Yes, it seems something has happened. Earlier, I was told here that if turning off DDA solved the problem, they would have a developer get in touch with me. I reported that it did solve the problem, but have heard nothing else from them.
  6. If you meant the DDA change, as I posted on 7-31-08, turning DDA off =did= resolve the issue. Awaiting instructions.
  7. I decided to go ahead and do the full C: scan (same type of run as before). With DDA ON, it stalled at the same file specified in the initial post...it sat at that file for more than six minutes, then I canceled. Disk light was solid on while it was in the "stall" state. With DDA OFF, it did not pause at that file. Awaiting instructions.
  8. OK, I set for custom scan and pointed it at the folder: "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Yahoo\Widget Engine\Unzipped\Weather Underground.widget\Weather Underground _ dir.widget\Contents\" I then ran the scan both with USE DDA on and with it off. Neither paused at all during the scan. As noted before, the file has been removed and replaced in the folder...I don't know if that caused a change or not. Also, definitions have been updated a couple of days ago. This was a different set of conditions as the original stall occurred during a full scan of C:/. I will repeat that when I have an hour or more where I don't need the computer.
  9. While working on this issue, I deleted the file, and later restored it. That would write it to a different section of the disk (probably), right?
  10. When it hits that file, does it try to go check all of the png's listed inside the file, because there are HUNDREDS of those?
  11. This was to be a question, but while waiting for the forum login confirmation email, it solved itself. But I am posting this for reference of others. The scan proceeded for awhile, then seemed to stop/freeze at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Yahoo\Widget Engine\Unzipped\Weather Underground.widget\Weather Underground _ dir.widget\Contents\Weather Underground.js The stoppage was for an undetermined time, but was over 10 minutes. Before, although not moving through the files extremely fast, you could see the line showing the file being scanned changing. Then it appeared to stop at this file. While trying to get set up to post here and ask why, the scan window was open underneath the browser window. When I happened to get those windows out of the way, I noticed that the scan was now proceeding; it completed in 54 min scanning C:\files only. The 58 kb file contains MANY MANY lines like this extract: Maps[2][4][0]='images/ca/bh.png,127,283,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/BH.html?fromwidget=Y"),BH'; Maps[2][4][1]='images/ca/bs.png,69,348,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/BS.html?fromwidget=Y"),BS'; Maps[2][4][2]='images/ca/cs.png,177,305,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/CS.html?fromwidget=Y"),CS'; Maps[2][4][3]='images/ca/cu.png,95,315,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/CU.html?fromwidget=Y"),CU'; Maps[2][4][4]='images/ca/dr.png,118,396,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/DR.html?fromwidget=Y"),DR'; Maps[2][4][5]='images/ca/es.png,156,278,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/ES.html?fromwidget=Y"),ES'; Maps[2][4][6]='images/ca/gu.png,132,264,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/GU.html?fromwidget=Y"),GU'; Maps[2][4][7]='images/ca/ha.png,118,379,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/HA.html?fromwidget=Y"),HA'; Maps[2][4][8]='images/ca/ho.png,145,281,openURL("http://www.wunderground.com/global/HO.html?fromwidget=Y"),HO'; Is there something about this that would cause the scan to appear to freeze, i.e., do these lines take a very long time to scan for some reason?
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