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  1. First thing, Thankyou soo much, I had such a panic for the last night and a day, im rubbish with computers and got attacked by loads of virus things, Think it might have tally of 1000 infected things which stemmed from me trying to download a file, i dont think i had any antivirus software and the computer just was going crazy, loads of warnings, web site pop ups (things saying they were antivirus but i didnt know whether they were) extra tool bars saying security toolbar (didnt know whether this was meant to be there), things saying trojun and worm and just general (or not so common) nastyness. I tried lots of different spyware, anti virus things, they scanned attempted stuff and computer still pannicked. Got this program and finally it just sorted everything(well i think it has) So thankyou i was worrying because i have all my summer project work on the pc and if it went i would be buggered. My question is I still have this Avasti spyware thing i put on first which seems to check everything and i put this on after, so i was wondering whether i need the avasti still with this program or whether i should just delete it to make the pc faster. Also just to check, is everything gone, how can i be sure, am i relatively safe, its all got me into a bit of a paranoid frenzy. thanks again
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