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  1. Uninstalled and re installed. Downloaded latest updates and ran scan again. Exactly the same result. Reaches {650CA63D-4A01-4BF8-A608-9B1EBB36292E} and the detected items just keep on counting up. Thanks again for trying to help me out.
  2. Thanks. I am using the free version for now. Programme version is already 4.15.1000. I will uninstall, reinstall and try again.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I did exactly what you said and this time it detected 15 problems first in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\73J3\R2L.DLL The scan went on and when it found the same file as above it counted up threats to 30,000 at which point I stopped the scan. Any other ideas welcome. Thanks.
  4. Hi there. Just run a quick scan and the first threat identified is Trojan Unclassified/EXEC. The problem is that the detected threats next to this are going up in number and looks like it will never stop. Now at 38,000 and rising!! Still keeps counting even when I press pause. The threat is listed in the registry section and the search locatation above the threat window says Software\Windows\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellExecute\Hooks\{650CA63D-4A01-4BF8-A608-9B1EBB36292E} I have noticed the odd pop up latley for dvd movies (No not that sort ) etc which have never appeared before. My PC is also running a bit slower than usual. I have Norton internet security and that has not picked anything up. Any ideas? Please bear in mind I am a bit of a spyware noob but I do know my way around a computer... just. Thanks in advance,
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