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  1. Hello Folks, While I've always been happy with SuperAntiSpyware, recently I've been looking at some reviews online (mostly done last year and before) that have shown less than stellar results by SuperAntiSpyware as compared to its competitors. One particularly disappointing review was done a while back by PC Magazine, however there are others on YouTube etc. that seem to indicate a high degree of misses when it comes to detecting malware on Windows. Everything changes and I'm sure that SuperAntiSpyware has not only seen these reviews but has acted to correct whatever flaws have existed in the past. Can someone address this issue and give us some reassurance that the situation has indeed been corrected? Thanks for any comments.
  2. Yes, that was a great and most exciting depiction of events. I am very encouraged by having read it. Fortunately, my new computer was clean as a whistle before installing SUPERAntiSpyware. Thanks for posting!
  3. Thanks for a great product and the great promotional price. What a DEAL!
  4. Nevermind, I saw another poster asking the same question and the answer that it will be available soon.
  5. The First Chance Prevention options are greyed out on Vist Home Premium SP1. Is this still being worked on? Thanks.
  6. I am running Vista Home Premium 32bit with nVidia GeForce 8600M. The "Lifetime Subscription Active" displays correctly on my system. I hope you can resolve it.
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