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  1. I have a file that SAS (and AVG and Norton and AVAST and Mcafee command-line, among others) were unable to identify as malware. Only Malwarebytes so far was able to find it. And that was only via scanning the drive as a slave in a secondary machine. The file prevents anti-virus type apps from downloading their updates, rendering them pretty much useless. Seeing as I've already removed the file from the hard drive, doing the SAS diagnostic submission is kinda worthless. I do have a copy of the file, but it is no longer RUNNING. Is there somewhere I can submit the file so the developers can get it added to their defs?
  2. Follow-up to let everyone know that I downloaded a 7-day SpySweeper evaluation which installed/ran/removed stuff. After it was done, SuperAntiSpyware launched/ran just fine w/o having to reinstall or anything.
  3. I'm sorry, I am only trying the free version. I don't think I get support for that. I will continue to work on a solution on my own, and would appreciate anyone else that finds one posting their methods.
  4. I'm currently in the same boat. I'm working on what was once a massively infected machine. I took the hard drive out, scanned it w/ Symantec Corp. Ed., McAfee command-line scanner, Trend scanner, and AVG. Then I reinstalled the hard drive in the machine, and installed AVAST. BTW, every single one of those virus products found some sort of virus. Anyway... Initially, I couldn't run SpyBot or SuperAntiSpyware. I would click on them, but it looked like nothing would happen. I pulled up task manager and noticed that if I tried opening them repeatedly, you could see them appear in the task list, then vanish. Finally, after more scanning with AVAST (and I loaded temporarily on the machine AVG), I was able to get SpyBot working. But I still can't get SuperAntiSpyware to kick off. This machine has been in my possession for a couple of weeks, so it wasn't hit by the latest UPS virus. But I sure would feel better if I could get SuperAntiSpyware to run.
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