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  1. I see that the SUPERAntiSpyware "Repair" had nothing to do with getting the All Programs and Desktop Icons working. The All Programs and Desktop Icons stopped working because I "exited" SAS through the Tray Icon. Apparently, when you exit through the Tray Icon, you have to reactivate it via the All Programs or Desktop Icons, and then you can only start the program from the Tray Icon for some reason. This seems kind of "goofy" to me, but that's apparently the way SAS works! Since there is really no need to "exit", I guess I don't have to worry about it anymore![/b]
  2. I checked something called SUPERAntiSpyware Repair that just popped-up on its own, and now the All Programs and Desktop Shortcuts work! Heaven knows how that happened!
  3. When I double-click on either the Shortcut under All Programs or the shortcut one the Desktop, SAS will not open! I can only open SAS it via its Tray icon! If I exit the program through the Tray Icon, then all the All Programs or Desktop Shortcuts will do is reinstall the Tray Icon (after first giving me a splash screen), which is still the only place where l can open SAS! I don't think that this can be normal. It seems to me that I should be able to open SAS directly from either the All Programs Icon or the Desktop icon, and should not have to be directed to the Tray icon each time in order to open it! I would appreciate any help in this matter. I have uninstalled and downloaded SAS several times and it always works the same way. Thanks!
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