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  1. Hi Im using SAS Pro. and i have a question about this If i visit accidentally any suspicious site SAS will alert me or not?? SAS gonna block or protect from Spyware or malware?? i read SAS is very good for Remove Spyware not for protect or alert you very begining.. Is this true !!! Thanks......
  2. Hi All I Installed SUPERANTISPYWARE yesterday and i like this ...very usefull but i have few questions : 1. I Unchecked from Preference Show Icon from Taskbar 2.Unchecked Splash screen on startup. But when i re-start pc this open or shows main menu(User Interface) automatically..thats i dont want..... If this is Possible to setup SUPERAntiSpyware will work in background all the time without Taskbar icon or in startup popup main menu option . Any suggestions............ Thanks.........
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