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  1. Do ANY of the older versions still work on an ancient win98se platform??
  2. On my old win 98se machine ( I use this mostly for old tech programs) my updates have stopped. My last update is 8206 core and 6018 trace. I am using 4.24 .1004 pro version. I also use SAS on my modern machines with no problem. Have you stopped updates for 4.24.1004? PS Just ran a quick scan with the older defs and it caught a trojan!! I don't know if Nick is still around, but thanks for keeping my old box going:> Customer from the beginning years ago.
  3. When do you folks plan to update the New Release page info for 5.0.1144?
  4. I ran spybot and it says I am infected with a malware called Platinum Advertiser. SAS does not see this in my system and neither does Anti Malware bytes. What is this? Spybot cannot remove this. Bookmark (firefox name default mp3files (http.free-mp3downloads.com/mp3files.shtml) My sys is running just fine. WinXP sp3
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