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  1. 2/23/08 Thanks for the Registry Script download - Good News --- It eventually worked perfectly. 'Problem was - when I first tried to use it I got a message "Administrator has denied access to Registry Editor" 'would'nt allow me to run the script. The stinkin virus thought of everything. I found a site that that has a simple download that allows you to Enable/Disable the the registry editing tools. http://www.dougknox.com/security/script ... gtools.htm (Great Site) I ran this, restarted, and ran the https://www.superantispyware.com/downloa ... usintl.reg All is well with world. Run this registry script and it will be gone : https://www.superantispyware.com/downloa ... usintl.reg
  2. I had the same experience yesterday. I realized it was a scam - but too late. It blocks everything. On a hunch I restarted in safe mode. This allowed me to get to my Free copy of SuperAntiSpyware and run it. I know I sound like an advertisement - but it got rid of most of the problem. (I immediately went on line and paid for the full version). I ran it a 2nd time - got rid of more. But - some of it is still there. I've got the words "VIRUS ALERT!" in my task bar (next to the Time) - it appears in copies of my Outlook email - next to the date - as well as in my WINFAX copies. Obviously it's tied into date/time fields. HELP - How do I get rid of the remnants. Thanks, Steve [/b]
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