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  1. Hi Mobilenet, Yeah.. same here, it came back after a couple of days! My initial post seemed to be a tempory fix. AVG detected and removed.
  2. Hi All, Just starting to have a problem which SAS is unable to detect. Proccess xvyu5i4c.exe keeps appearing and spontaneously opens IE to some random page. Full scans show nothing and a google search brings back nothing. Any ideas Think i've solved it in the meantime, stealth install ( ProtexisLicensing ) with paint shop pro, and a legal upgrade! Gits. Solution as follows if anyone else is having this, go to Administrative Tools -> Services and stop ProtexisLicensing (or just press Start-> Run -> services.msc and press Enter) Stop the service and put on Disable. Go to Strat-> Run -> sc delete ProtexisLicensing and press Enter, now ProtexisLicensing will be removed from services list Go to SYSTEM32 folder and delete this files: - PSIService.exe - PSIKey.dll
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