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  1. xyz360400, thanks for the advice. I left a pm for one of the moderators but have not heard anything back yet. I would think that SAS has a procedure to report a suspicious file within the program. I am currently running SAS as real time and MBAM as on demand. I know that MBAM has a procedure within the program to report suspicious files. Anyway, whatever the procedure is I need to know what it is. Again, thanks for the advice. John
  2. This question most likely has been asked before but if it has I couldn't find it. What is the procedure for sending questionable files to SuperAntiSpyware for confirmation that the file is or is not a problem file? I would imagine there is a way to submit a questionable file in the program but I am not sure. I have been told it must be zipped and sent in with a password. If this is true I will need to download a program to zip files. I do not have any files to submit but want to be ready should the occasion occur. Thanking you in advance. John
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