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  1. I knew I would get asked this and of course, I didn't write down what it found. I remember it found mostly Ad-ware stuff like shopping sites and a Vundo varient. Sorry I'm not more help. I will write down the list next time.
  2. First, I did see the subject below regarding someone's computer rebooting after SAS hit the registry, but I believe my issue is different. This has happened to me twice in the last 3 weeks, the most recent last night. I run SAS free on an XP SP2 machine. It finds about 50 items. I click to clean and then after it does that it says to complete the process restart the computer. I do that. On the startup it gets to the blue Windows XP screen saying it's loading your settings, then the screen suddenly goes black and reboots. And it just keeps doing this. I tried Safe Mode, but it gets to a certain point, then reboots. I tried doing a FIXMBR and FIXBOOT, neither worked. I ran out of time last night so I just reformatted the hd and reinstalled Windows to get up and running. Has anyone run into this yet? I have run SAS in between the times this happened to me and did not have a problem. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks, JonW
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