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  1. No you missed the fact that the portable installed version "doesn't need to be updated". I was lucky. But It's not the same thing. What if it installed and i couldn't update? If i wanted the free i would have downloaded it. Fix the link. This is why i don't post here any more.
  2. This just get's better and better. i have not posted as I've knew the topic of the SAS portable now installing would create alot of unhappy people including me. But tonight my daughter had a bad virus. I have four or five "real" portables but decided to see what the SAS PORTABLE install would do. Would i be able to install? And how would it work? I was not looking as closely as i should have and when i put the usb in and went to install what i thought was the portable, was instead the free version? I was into the install so i finished. It did worked and fixed alot of the problem. However i just checked the download on the sas portable and it is the free version. How can that happen? When the user may not be able to update? I also see that indeed there is a newer version of the SAS pro. I will wait a couple of days and if it is not in the updates then I will do a clean install. I'm not going to bitch but had i known that there would be so much confusion in the take over I never would have bought the SAS pro. It's done there's nothing I can do. Please fix and get the right download for the portable right. I'm not sure i can trust the download and still might use it but it needs to be fixed. Some people when infected panic and would miss this. I didn't panic as i had a army of things to try on my usb. This isn't good and i echo, make the update to version 1150 fast. Can't trust the download and don't get the upgrades as fast as new users? I'm done.
  3. i wasn't trying to. I am always concerned about a fake virus attack and what if I can't boot my regular spyware or antivirus. That's when the portble comes in play. Most of the time I go in the safe mode. I was just was running the potable for the first time with version 5.0 and it wouldn't boot, now i know why. it's fine, I'm good THANKS.
  4. I'm sure that I bug people and I'm sorry for that i've been alittle jumpy as i lost my mom a month ago. I complain too much too. Any way Is this happening to just me or everyone. I can't boot the SAS portable when the SAS pro is installed. If I shut down the pro the portable boots and it boots all the time in the safe mode? Yea I know what your thinking, why am I trying to run them both. not at the same time. It's just in a test if i get infected. Again the portble boots fine in the safe mode or when i shut down the pro version? This happened last week. I just figured it out today. I'll go way after I'll get a reply. If i bug people i'm sorry. I just can't figure it out unless it's me or my machine or the way version 5.0 is set up. Bye
  5. WoW i had the same problem as reported and reported it on the ariva forum where theyhad me send a sample to ariva and told me to go into quarentine and use the exceptions on the items from the scan. that did not work. I figured why go to the SAS forum when it's ariva that is the problem, But i did most of what was posted and it looks good. I thought i was going to have to change to avast. I was ready, giving ariva untill monday to fix the problem. Thanks, however I'm not sure everyone will be able 1. Again, in the "Configurations" panel, make sure there is a check in the "Expert Mode" box. 2. Go to: Scan > Scanner > Action on detection-3. Put a dot where it says, "Interactive", (NOT "Automatic"!). I don't have that feature so i couldn't do that. I just unchecked the guard on ariva untill i installed SAS and did the rest. A big thanks.
  6. I downloaded the new portable yesterday. In the past it did not matter how old the portble was, you could stil update it. Untill now. I downlaoded SAS portable version yesterday and it did a update. The version is 5.0.116 and data base is 7555. Today SAS will not provide a update key, it's there but you can't use it. It's indented. You can't do it yet the new data base is 7561? So I had to downlaod a new version which is a pain because I keep them or about a week and then upgrade. What is wrong? You could always update before, but it looks like not now. I just hope this is a error, because when you are under attack from a rogue virus sometimes you can't get on the internet. That's why i hold the portble version for about a week. Now it will be out of date in a day? I know other softwares do it that's why the SAS portble is great.
  7. NO NO NO you are wrong, I'm not trying to be a know it all but. When I boot either product in the regular boot only the pro interface comes up,but when I go into the safe mode the portable will boot as the portable free version core 6965 and trace 4777 version 4.555.1000.It uses 1.8-2.mgs, When scanning. When I open the pro it shows core 7432 trace 5244 and version 4.55.1000 and scans at a lower rate 1.3-1.4mgs.They are different I'm not crazy. If not in the safe mode they boot as one. I need the portable to boot on it's own because xp rogue spy ware blocks the desk top products.I've had three battles and the pro version gets blocked every time.The portable has to boot separate or if there is no answer I delete the pro version. The biggest attacks I have had in two years have been from rogue spyware. The SAS portable and malwarebytes have saved me everytime. I'm trying not to sound like a jerk but I know what I'm seeing.The viruses do not pick up the portables installer as it is set up ms-dos SAS_618eo.com. Hope there's a fix. Again not trying to be a jerk or a know it all just want the best protection.
  8. Doesn't matter I have a installed folder on my c drive and one on my usb stick. Doesn't matter where I open the portable up.When i do open the portable up it shows the pro interface and there are the logs are from pro. The portable version scans higher also and for some reason the pro scans at a lower rate. I just want to know what happens if spy-ware disables the pro version? Am i screwed? If so goodbye pro. I can't be the first one this has happened to?
  9. I'm confused I have been using SAS portable. I own a life time membership to SAS PRO but because of it using a lot of memory I have not installed it until yesterday version I Have to have SAS potable working because twice I have been infected with fake rogue xp spy ware and it saved the day twice. I have that problem figured out. Ok so today I boot up SAS portable but what boots up is SAS pro? Why, and am I going to be able to boot the portable when malware attacks and blocks me booting anything on the desk top? I'm not sure I like this and would uninstall the pro version in a second as i do not use real time protection. I have a very slow computer and look for ways to speed it up not slow it down. I have a technical issue going on with support and don't want to bother them about this. Thanks
  10. I have had infections and it was either my antivirus picking them up or my other spyware program. It's for me not worth it to try and track down a infection in C\documents\settings ect, system volume, or the registry just so that I can send it to SAS tech support. So I watched as SAS ran a scan and nothing but cookies and my antivirus finds malware or trogan droppers. The same thing holds true with my spyware programs, adware, trogan or trogan droppers are found by another program other than SAS. There were many times when it looked like SAS just plain missed the infection, I just thought ok maybe they didn't scan the same files., I don't want to deal with uninstalling the infection from the other softtware so that I can send it to SAS support. Even if they scan the infection and say yea we missed it and send me a download, it's four months of nothing on SAS part. Now when I talked about this once before, the answer was maybe they are false positives. Yea maybe a couple, but all of them, NO WAY. You know what would change everything? If SAS found some trogans, adware, malware, I would see some hope. And I do use it just as much as any other software hoping that this will be the day that SAS finds something other than cookies. I have faced the fact that SAS to me does not do the job even when I see great reviews or posts on this forum, I need to see it happen. I don't see me uninstalling it, but I've just downloaded other products that are for me better and even with them if I see in a month or two a product not detecting infections while others are, I may make a change. I downloaded spy sweeper trial version and so far it lookes good.T here are things I like about it, but until it dectects anything it can't be something that I trust. TRUST TO ME HAS TO BE GAINED, I NEED TO SEE IT. I'm not talking false positives. I talked to much sorry, this is a topic that I don't get to talk about so I think about it and that just builds up, I'll try to be more cheer ful the next time. I'm out
  11. Hi look I have not changed my opinion of SAS. I have had the program for over four months, in that time it saved my when I first downloaded the trail version by deleteing 17 trogans. I played with it for a week and then bought SASPRO with a lifetime lisense. The product after the first day " has never detected anything but cookies, the real time protection has never poped up and I'm just lost my confidence in the product. So anyway last night I decided to do what I thought was increse the number of files scanned and do a custom scan. I guess I didn't understand that it doesn't scan system volume and other key files and thought that adding my extra filess would get it to scan things that i think it misses. I do not think that SAS scans enough files in the full deep scan. So I was shocked when I came back 15 minutes later and saw that the scan was done in two and a half minutes. Is there anyway that I can increase the scan in windows and in program files? I own the product so I need to keep it or be out $ 29.00. For me it scans about 15,500 main files from the C/drive. I would like to increase that, I'm not getting into why I'm unhappy beacuse what does it do? So here's something you might like two spyware reviews SAS came in third beatting spy sweeper and cpunter spy then came in third again losing to spyware doctor, spysweeper , and counter spy. The reviews are great. I'm just not seeing it. I'll check back PEACE
  12. I own superantispyware pro with lifetime warrentee, version 4.15, keep on top of updates, as far as the detections that were missed, I'm looing into to that. I find it hard to believe that I could run a scan with sas and then run a scan with the other antispyware and have it show up with trogans. However I don't feel that there is much in false positives because i've had this other antivirus for about the same time. It's not what the other spyware is getting, it's "what sas has not gotten in four months. I know for a fact that i have had minor infections and a trogan or two. As far as talking to tech support i was very general and wouldn't know what to tell them now. I am dying for sas to find anything other than cookies. I would e-mail tech support if I knew what to say that would be informative for them to say, maybe there's something wrong? I just don't know. At the moment I'm looking at spysweeper and counter spy, I feel I have no choice.
  13. I am so bummed out, here's the deal. Four months ago i was infested with trogans. My antivirus would only delete one out of three, I wasn't informed about trogans,but I learned fast. I tried any spyware program that I could download. If it detected over five to seven trogans I bought it. Xsoftse said it got ten trogans but they were back the next day, REFUND, spyware doctor, REFUND, eight to ten products didn't find them or only showed one or two. I found a spyware product and got rid of ten to twelve. I was fine until I went some where to download a freeware product and got hit with tons of them. totally infected, over taken, they ruled. I stumbled on the sas site and did the fifteen day trial. Wow sas found fifteen trogans and got rid of them all. It was the best spyware i tried. That was four months ago and since then sas has found cookies and that's it. it's missed adware, trogans and trogan droppers that my other spyware has found. I am so bummed that I can no longer trust it and need to go out and find a second spyware that i thought I had. My antivirus is GOD, if you haven't tried antivir free your missing a GREAT, PRODUCT. sorry to bum your out and take up a post, but I saw this comming, as the weeks past and my other spyware was finding things and sas wasn't. I once sent a e-mail to tech support saying that sas missed alot and they said you can't get everything. It's not defective, scans fine, fast, updates, looks good, scans good finds cookies. sorry needed to vent. What am i missing?
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