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  1. Hi, You probably know about this scam but in case you dont I'm posting this. I got an email yestereday that looked suspicious, I copied it and sent it to PayPal to check that they did or did not send it. I got a reply an hour ago stating that they did NOT send it, and it links to a virus on the "websites" in the email.. If you get one DO NOT click on any of the links, you will get a virus. This is most of it, I deleted the email after I copied it to PayPal. =========================================================== >Things aren't always as safe as they seem >Dear ***************, ( I removed my name) > > >Fake email or 'phishing' is a common technique used by online fraudsters. >But there's an easy way to outsmart them and keep your PayPal account >even safer. > >The Iconix email ID tool checks to see if the emails you receive are >legitimate or fake. Once you've installed the software, you'll see an >Iconix eMail ID icon whenever you receive emails from PayPal - so you >know they're genuine. > > >Iconix is free and works with Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook >and many more email providers. > >LINK deleted by mod/b]>> > >Yours sincerely, > >PayPal ================================================================
  2. I wish I had that same response you got when I was in contact with them last week, yes, I had that same problem in W7 Pro x64, did not get much help, I only got it fixed by restoring a Macrium Reflect first image when I started installing my software, that first image is specifically for setting up W7 and ensuring that it is working Ok then I make the image and proceed to install the software, when that is done I make another image. This time SAS worked. Why I dont know but SAS support was not the reason.
  3. I'm having much the same problem. I use a hard drive caddy that I use in only 1 computer, I use 3 hard drives, one x64 for normal computing, one x32for the MSTS Train Simulator and the other is an x64 for Rail Simulator and Rail works, each of those require their own settings and work better in their own drives, it takes 6 seconds to change a drive. All are W7. So, I installed W7 x64 in one drive and installed only the essentials, SASpyware, Outpost Firewall NOD32 and drivers of course, I registered SAS, NOD32 and Outpost.. When all was well with it I activated it. Then I put the x64 version in 2 drives and 0ne x32 in another drive and I installed the relevant programs in each drive, then as I went from 1 drive to another I had to re-register SAS for each of the drives, I have now run out of my allocated registrations. I have had a popup to register one of the drives again for the third time just yesterday. I have never had this problem since I got SAS some time ago - years. So far, the other 2 drives are not requiring re-activated. I'm lost as to what to do, has anyone any ideas please. Any help very gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I'm running SAS in W7 Pro x64, its working fine for me.
  5. AFAIC NOD32 is the best one. You can get it with or without a firewall, also, its firewall is up there with the best and possibly better.
  6. I'd also like an x64 version, I'll be using W7 x64, in fact, I'll be running 2 W7 versions, Home Premium and Pro, I use a hard Drive caddy, it takes only 6 seconds to change the drive, I'll be using each for different things, the purpose is to avoid conflicts. Please, many pleases
  7. It will be in the Transaction \ order emails.
  8. I downloaded the latest version yesterday and attempted to install it into W7 x63 RC 7100. It works perfectly, I've not a problem. Well, except that I dont know whether I should activate it or not because I'll be getting W7 Home Premium and Pro versions. Home for my Rail sims and Pro for my normal computing so ther's 2 activations to do when I get the OS's.
  9. AFAIC i'ts up there with the best programs, I've had one minor problem and SAS gave me the fix. I've recommended it to a lot of people, without exception they told me it is an excellent program and well worth the money. You obviously have a problem with it, if you had come in and asked for help in a friendly manner you would have got it but your manner prevented that.
  10. Windows 7 will be on sale on October 22nd Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday that it is planning for Windows 7 to hit retail shelves and start showing up on new PCs on October 22. To reach that milestone, Microsoft plans to wrap up development of the operating system by the middle or end of next month, Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said in an interview. More :- http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10253 ... ?tag=mncol
  11. SAS works OK in W7 x64 but NOT in x32, I read in this forum it runs in x64 because the drivers are loaded in after W7 is loaded in, but with x32 the SAS drivers are loaded before W7 is loaded in and that is the problem.. SAS works fine for me in W7 x64 but not in x32
  12. Ive just been and and gone and went and done it, yep, I voted.
  13. Good news indeed that SAS will be Windows 7 ready. I tried installing SAS but it would not install properly, however, no worries. I was installing all my programs to find out what would not install. Only 2, SAS & Outpost firewall. Thanks SAS.
  14. I have a hard drive caddy that is use to swap 2 hard drives. 1 is for my normal computing with Vista, and the other for XP to run my train simulators. I have noticed that when I transfer the licence from XP there is not a problem, however, when I transfer from Vista it does not work, this had been going on for some time, maybe a year. I have had to get my licence updated because Vista cant transfer it, I have had a lot of problems, 3 motherboards went down in the past year and had to be replaced - I took the opportunity to change to another mobo so the licence had to be transferred each time. then I changed graphic cards to get a good one for XP. anyway, why cant Vista transfer it ? Along with a lot of ESET ESS users I am having a problem with the firewall shutting down after about 30 minutes and stopping acccess to the 'net. I've just re-installed Vista to see if I had a possible corruption of a file ot two or something. I just installed ESET V4 and Vista updates. I've on-line now for 1 hour and 13 minutes - fingers crossed. In the ESET forum a poster posted that he re-installed Vista and that worked for him. Hopefully when I install SAS it will be activated OK. SAS is a great program, so good I recommend it a lot. thanks.
  15. It "seems" to affect x64 only, any way, with the help of SAS it is resolved.
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