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  1. Been keeping an eye on mine after reading this and my handles are 447 Windows 7. System been running for around 4 hours now.
  2. Thanks siliconman01 That worked just fine.
  3. Hi, i am getting a box pop up telling me there is a product update, when i click download and install now i get an error telling me "Update must be done from an account with administrator priviliges" I am however running under admin account. This happened with the previous program update, it does however install fine if i update manually.
  4. Maybe more frequent updates, say every 2 - 4 hours.
  5. Hi Maik, Look here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2075
  6. Although my spikes were not as high as others have reported (mine crept up to 17 - 25% after the computer had been in use for around 6 hours) Since using the 4.22 pre-release i am pleased to report that i am also no longer having any problem and the cpu usage (if you can call it that as it is so low)is still the same as when i booted up 9 hours ago
  7. Hi, forgive me if this has been asked or is in FAQ as i have searched and been unable to find an answer. I have a lifetime license that is installed on my Vista partition. I also have an XP partition installed on the same computer. Can i use the same license on both partitions with them being on the same computer, or will i have to purchase another license. From reading the way you have to activate and deactivate a license, i would assume it would be the latter. Thanks
  8. Thanks EliteKiller I had done a search first but but never came up with anything. Thanks again.
  9. Firstly hi to everyone I have just bought SuperAntispyware after using the free version for some time now. I have it running with real-time protection. When i look in task manager every 2 seconds SuperAntispyware`s cpu jumps to between 16 - 19%. Is this normal for the program??? I am not noticing any slowdowns with my computer and SuperAntispyware`s memory is very low at only 460k. My computer has been on a few hours now and SuperAntispywares cpu time is currently 39 minutes 27 seconds, whereas Kaspersky AV is only at 2 minutes 19 seconds. Is this normal for SuperAntispyware?
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