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  1. I just want to say how great it if to have simple,effective software,backed by honest,genuine,no-nonsense folks with integrity! Do you know the last time I had a problem with this software? No? Neither do I!! It just works,plain and simple. No Hype,no crap,no eye-candy,no cult like forum, or "I have forgotten more than you will ever know!!" gurus. Thank you SuperAntiSpyware for showing how a application should work,and how a company should conduct business PS I AM NOT A FANBOY. I would call foul here as quickly as anywhere else. I do recognize integrity and competence,and acknowledge it here. I wish it were contagious. norm
  2. Please ,Jaheira,Malwarebytes does what? The only thing Malwarebytes beats SUPERAntiSpyware in is the number of false positives in critical system files, and the surliness of their forum.(there you would be either ignored or banned for such a remark) In any event it does not even offer token support of legacy operating systems. Those of us who are die hard XP fans will soon enough be in the position of 98 users now. I hope we remain a little more gracious.
  3. Hello, No complaints,no problem,I just want to comment/commend the software guys on the increase in scan speed in this version. Normally i do the quick scan,and I am not really that familiar with the time required for the full scan,as I normally start it, and leave the area,and just check the results on returning. However,checking the log, I found that a complete scan, on my 232GB hard drive,with 46GB of data took 16 Min's. That is pretty damned fast! Thanks for the great program. PS SuperAntiSpyWare is one of only a handful of programs that I can honestly say I have had NO problems with.
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