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  1. Nod AV ( not security suite) V3 and i spose Vista's built in firewall also counts. Thats about it.
  2. You have now... I am having exactly the same problem. Outlook running basically all the time, machine often sits idle for hours at a time, not doing any scans or anything else. I have a CPU usage gadget running in side bar and core 1 of my Quad core often starts to bounce around from 5% up to 25% or anywhere in between. Superantispyware.exe is the culprit according to taskmanager. When i open task manager the memory usage for SAS altenates every second from about 1 meg all the way up to some ridiculous figure, currently 78 Meg and then back to 1 meg . This repeats over and over again until i shut down and restart SAS at which point it runs ok for a day or so, then i will notice the same issue again. The longer it runs for without me noticing it the more memory seems to get tied up in it, i have seen a figure of over 100Meg as above.
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