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  1. Sorry, but that solution is too much for me. I really liked this product, but if I have to do all this to solve a simple (in my eyes) problem, then I will try another product instead. I hope you can fix this bug in the next version, I want to return to SuperAntiSpyware! CU
  2. Yes, I used the tool above. What I meant with "simple uninstall" is the windows-standard uninstall. I first did the windows-standard uninstall and then re-installed the program, which, obviously didnt take away the problem. Then I tried the tool above to uninstall and then re-install, but that didnt solve the problem either. Does anyone else have some suggestions what to do? I can live with the problem, but its quite annoying... /Anders
  3. Thanks, but it didnt work. I tried the simple uninstall then re-install procedure. That didnt take away the problem. Then I tried the SASUNINST.EXE, but still same problem after re-install. I get the messagbox like 20 seconds after Windows desktop appears. Any more suggestions how to solve this problem? I am the only user on this computer and hence the administrator. /Anders
  4. Hi! I have used SuperAntiSpyware for a while, and it work great, except for one little annoying thing. When I start up Windows Vista, I get a message that I must confirm with OK. It's a User Account Control (UAC)-message and it's SAS that "sends" it. Why? I thought this issue was resolved in the 4.15 release. I have SAS 4.15.1000, Core 3492, Trace 1483. What can I do to get rid of this problem? Is there some patch/update for SAS that solves this problem? I rather not turn of UAC on Vista, since I think its a nice security-"thing". Thank you for any suggestions on solutions for my problem. /Anders
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