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  1. Suggestion: Please stop calling the Portable personal edition of SAS portable because it's not anymore. You have to install it so unless you mean it's portable because you can carry the install file around on a flash drive, the name is misleading. All you're doing is giving the .exe some random name.
  2. When I run a regscan using SAS, the scan comes up clean (full scan is clean too) but in the scan progress section, the last thing it stops on is C:\Program Files\x86\Desktop Defender 2010. Is the scan progress window meant to show what SAS is scanning for or what it is currently scanning on the user's drive? I've ran scans using SAS, MSE and MBAM and all say my system is clean. Also if I browse to the Program Files Dir using Explorer, there is no C:\Program Files\x86\Desktop Defender 2010 or any reference in the registry using Find either. No visible evidence/behavior of this or any other malware present. Windows 7 x64 Fully updated
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