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  1. Thanks you the reply, but I don't think this will be necessary. In the meantime I did a system restore and the program works fine again. I really don't know what happened. Sorry to have bothered you for this Cheers, Eddy
  2. Hi, I am using the latest version 4.15.100 and each time, I am using the scan feature, the program hangs - either when scanning the registry or the files. It does not hang on one specific item/file, but randomly. I un-installed and re-installed the program without success. It worked fine until last week, but I did not do anything special unless installing "Registry Fix" software. Could this be the problem? OS is Windows XP Pro SP2, Intel Pentium 3.00 GHz CPU and 2 Gb mem. Regards, Eddy Alicante, Spain
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