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  1. I'm not sure why yours didn't work. I did the instructions above to make my daughter's computer work. I checked the box to place the icon near the clock, then I closed down and restarted the SAS so the icon would appear. Then I closed down the SAS again. I then right clicked on the icon to dl/install the update. That worked for my daughter's computer. My computer, if there is a difference, has a new install. So I didn't have the problem, or I haven't yet. My hard drive failed last week, so I install all my programs using a new install instead of my older backups. Also, I have Pro and my daughter has Home.
  2. Have you tried exiting and re-starting SUPERAntiSpyware and right-click the SUPERAntiSpyware icon and select "Check for Updates" again? This exact problem is happening to my daughter's computer. It only started doing this a few days ago. It is not happening to my computer.
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