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  1. To Pandato..sorry if I didnt state my msg correctly I know and see these posts that you do help and give info..I was trying to say so many posts saycant update definitions even showing the sas reply "ck your firewall" I did send a cust svc email with same info..and again apologize if I didnt present my problem correctly.. you have enuf work without my throwing my 2 cents in...thanks..Robert
  2. see my msg above re 411046 wont updateon my 2k so uninstalled and today for the heck of it downloaded sas again and got the 41510 version samo samo..errory trying to retreve definitions..when I loaded it zonelarm asked if ok for sas.exe and I said yes..because this program is free we dont get help on this matter?? you keep saying check firewalls and we keep saying our firewall is ok and even disable it..will leave this on for a week then ditch it..lot of programs on net with none of these problems. but.works fine on my xp.will keep on that..thanks..Robert
  3. also have a problem with updating 411046 ..its ok on my xp..and on one of my 2k with core 3472 trace 1463..but on my laptop 2k wont update..I have core 34690 trace 1460 on it..says unable get latest definitions .I disabled my firewall..also rite clicked taskbar icon..no luck. thanks for assist..rog
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