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  1. Every time I ask SAS to show What's Running, I get the following error listed in the event log: SABProcEnum service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. However, the list of what's running does get generated. What's that about? --Larry SAS version 4.22.1014
  2. I'm using the SAS Free Edition. As I understand it this version of SAS does not do any work other than scans (on demand, not scheduled) and checking for updates. If that's right, is there any reason to have SAS running except for when I want to do a scan and/or update check? --Larry
  3. I recently tried FF3 and had some performance problems so I totally got rid of it and started over with FF2 ( I did preserve my FF2 profile (and used a different profile for FF3). Maybe some common element between FF2 and FF3 got messed up. Hadn't thought of that. Any suggestion on how to make it work on FF2 again? In the meantime it is fine to run an IE Tab for fileresearchcenter. --Larry
  4. SAS has a link to find out what's running on my computer. It used to work. Now when I click it, it starts up FireFox with a new tab (as expected) and then keeps going back and forth between two web addresses. The addresses are: http://www.fileresearchcenter.com/whats ... preff.html and http://www.fileresearchcenter.com/whatsrunningff.html I have IETab in my FF so I set it to run www.fileresearchcenter.com in an IE tab. Clicking the link in SAS fired up fileresearchcenter which asked me to install superadblocker, which I did, and now the list of what's running gets made. I'm sure that this used to work without resorting to IE running in a FF tab. The FF about:plugins does list a superadblocker plugin. IE also has a similarly named ActiveX. The FF file info for the plugin is: File name: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npsabffx.dll FireFox Plugin Shouldn't this work in FF directly? --Larry
  5. With the new updated definitions, SAS does not complain about What's Running. So it must have been a false positive that has been fixed. Today's successful scan used the 9/23/2008 update. --Larry
  6. Evidently the on-demand scanner (invoked by right-click an object and then select Scan with SAA) is different than the scanner used when invoking the program and asking for a Quick Scan of the disks. I think this because after the on-demand scans failed to turn up anything I did a normal Quick Scan and it claimed it found Rogue.eAntivirusPro again in the Whatsrunning folder. Hmmmmm...... Are the two scanners different? --Larry
  7. Using version 4.21.1004; core 3575 trace 1563 (09/20/2008) Updated the definitions and did a quick scan. It claimed that Rogue.eantivirusPro was found in C:\Program Files\Whatsrunning without a specific file being named. I told SAS to take no action. That's a folder containing the Whatsrunning application and has been on my PC for almost 3 years (but almost never run). Today's update for SAS added Rogue.eantivirusPro. A google of Rogue.eantivirusPro shows that this rogue was discovered just a couple days ago. I asked SAS to scan the folder Whatsrunning. It found nothing. I asked SAS to scan the entire Program Files folder. It found nothing. A false positive? Why would it trigger once but subsequent scans fine nothing even though SAS did not remove or quarantine the problem? --Larry
  8. I think it certainly is safe. The FF cache is different than the IE cache in that cookies are not stored in the FF cache. There are other differences too. What is your concern about SAS doing its default scanning of almost everything on your disks? --Larry
  9. SAS should be scanning it by default unless you have made some exclusions that keep it from happening. In any case, FF keeps it cookies in a file called (amazingly enough) cookies.txt The cookies.txt file is in your FF profile. There can be more than one profile, but on my WinXP system, it is a folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\OWNER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ The profile folder is a strangly named folder; for example, gu048axy.default OWNER in the above pathname is whatever you log in as on Windows. Note that some of the above named folder are hidden so you need so make them visible if you want to actually find the FF profile folder. However, SAS should be scanning the cookies anyway. --Larry
  10. Today I did a "complete scan" rather than a quick scan. It found a bunch of tracking cookies. I didn't see any info about finding anything more serious. So I had SAS quarantine the cookies and then SAS said a restart was needed. Is it normal to need a restart just to remove tracking cookies? Or was there something more serious that it didn't make clear to me? The Manage Quarantine facility lists only cookies from today's scan. --Larry SAS v 4.1.1046
  11. I don't use IE. I use Firefox. I cleaned the IE cache a few days ago but now I see that there are a bunch of SAS files in it. Why is that? Is that OK? --Larry
  12. The What Is Running on My Computer facility lists two unrecognized items that I submitted. But I know what they are. Is there a way for a user like me to send info to the team that investigates these things? Thanks, Larry
  13. I tried it again today and it worked without having to install the plugin. So maybe the extra install was one of those glitches that happen from time to time. Thanks, Larry
  14. Using v 4.1.1046. Just installed a couple days ago. A day ago I clicked on the What's Running On Your Computer link and went thru the install of the SuperAdBlocker plugin. And sure enough a list of what's running appeared. I'm using FF And about:plugins listed the plugin. Today I clicked the link again and it took me to the install of the SuperAdBlocker plugin again. I cancelled and checked about:plugins. It was listed. I clicked the link again and went through the plugin install. And again the list of running things appeared. Does the plugin have to be installed every time you use the facility? --Larry
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