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  1. I have a portable USB drive plugged in to the computer and I want to remove it. Despite having no applications open, when I go to the Safely Remove Hardware icon and select this drive a warning box comes up saying The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later. The strange thing is that this behaviour only happens if the USB drive is already plugged in when I turn on the computer. If I plug it in after turning the computer on I can stop it without a problem. Could SuperAntiSpyware be causing this? Does it lock up any devices which it finds on booting? My OS is Windows XP Pro SP3 and I am using SAS version 4.21.1004. Real time protection is enabled. I also have ZoneAlarm Free, and AVG v8.0 free installed. Grateful for any suggestions.
  2. I'm using autoscan on startup. I will investigate running it as a scheduled item.
  3. These notifications have started appearing since I installed Windows XP Pro SP3. Are they real threats or something associated with the upgrade? For explanation I have Windows XP Pro on drive C and WinX64 on drive D. Grateful for advice.
  4. I run the programme to carry out a scan whenever I start Windows, but this always opens a user interface and requires user input at the end, even if only to click OK on the dialogue that says there's no harmful software. Is there a way you can start the scan in the background, or from a batch file, so that if I simply turn on the computer to carry out an unattended backup the scan won't prevent the computer turning off once the back up is finished? Grateful for advice.
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