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  1. It's weird also that when I try to do a complete scan of my computer, then while running, and if I still use the computer i.e. opens other applications and sorts, SAS tends to just crash. It seems like I can never get through a complete scan without it stalling or crashing. Unfortunately this sounds like something is terrible wrong with my computer. Edit: This is so weird. Deleted the folder and SAS still finds both folder and .lnk and stalls at it.
  2. It's not because with both hidden and system files shown, it's still not there. But thanks anyway
  3. Hi, during a quickscan I notice that the scanner stalls at: C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Malware Protector 2008.lnk But when I look in that folder it only contain a systemfile called desktop.ini. So how come SAS finds something else? I will be re-installing XP soon and that may fix the problem but I'm still curious to the above described stall.
  4. By the way, I've simply added this folder to cleaned up by CCleaner when running that, so that'll be fine. And again, sorry for the language... SAS is a great product, I was just annoyed and irritated.
  5. Yeah, I'm sorry... was just a bit annoyed by this issue. Will submit a request.
  6. I've experienced it several times now... AppLogs taking up over 1 GB of space... how can that at all be possible? How can a log of what has happened take up so much space? And another thing - can't you make an option saying something like: Remove quarantine files after 14/30 days - so we don't have to sit and remove them one by one manually. Thanks!
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