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  1. using SAS i detect first time this Vundo/rel junk i try this way , vundo is blocked but you cant delete it on next startup and SAS scan ,SAS find again ...and again...and again , in combinaton of SAS Avira, take control and unlocker i delete blocked junk in program files i find a folder named "Common Files" , open it... there you can find a folder "Wise Installation Wizard" there i find 2 installers , i copied name of that installers and check on google.. result was "vundo" junk.. i delete it.. next...using avira i find 2 dll blocked by Avira "fkuuvlax.dll and dlqoniq.dll you can not delete it manualy because you need to be system administrator (you are i know) ... BUT (there is always a but) first i use "take controll"software to take controll over this 2 dll-s and rename it to "fkuuvlax.dll.old and dlqoniq.dll.old" unlock using unlocker , unlocker tell me that i have already unlocked... and click delete on next startup.. voila after 2 days fighting with this vundo sh.. i finally win sorry for my bad english
  2. huh? wow, thanks, in google searsch i find that many people have the same problem,but no one have so easy solution tanks
  3. hallo, i am user of superanti spyware free edition on OS Vista ultimate, have some problem ... on my computer i am loged on as a administrator but i can not open task manager after scanning i find a lot of spyware within 12 hours i did not use computer, but computer was connected to internet... after cleaning and restarting "task manager " do not response again, can someone help me?
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