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  1. 1. Internal Testing

    2. Pre-Release Private Test

    3. Pre-Release Public Test

    4. Public Release to New Downloaders

    5. Update Servers Updated/Activated a Day or more later

    New customer preference over existing customers.

    Eventually it did update itself at strat up

  2. I notice that there is a new version available. My current version is the last publically available. To do the last update I had to manually update it.

    Will the new version update itself from the last release or do we have to keep manually updating EVERY time. So far today my systen has not updated itself. Should we have to manually update all the time, mat=ybe SAS should writr an update routine

  3. I am a fully paid up subscriber, yet notification was issued last monday that a new version was available yet it still has not shown up in our automatic updates.

    As a paid subscriber I think this is too much. One of the reasons I paid was because of the updates which has not happened. And yes to all those who will shout, I could download manually but why. That is part of the subscription.

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